This is what I made myself for lunch the other day:

At the time, it looked (and tasted) so delicious, I took a picture to capture the moment. Tuna+sliced olives+red onions+chick peas+soft white wheat bread=delicious. But then I forgot about it in the back of my fridge for 3 days tops. When I pulled it out to have another delicious sandwich, it looked gross; all watery and gray. As I looked around the kitchen in dismay, I realized that someone had eaten my loaf of delicious Sara Lee White Wheat bread, so Delicious Sandwich Part Deux was a no go. So I fed it to the cat for 3 days, and she loved it, except for the chick peas. What I learned: Hemo does not like chick peas, and I do not like cat food.

My own adventure

Indiana Jones. Need I say more? I want to see this movie so badly that I’m prepared to brave the Local Multiplex on a Friday Night to see it, armed only with a purse full of Jack Daniels airplane bottles and a bucket of Cherry Coke. I’m not above doling out Karate Chops To The Kidneys to the middle schoolers making out in front of me in the concession stand line, either. I refrained at Busch Gardens, kids, but you only get one freebie.

And no, I will not be the ass hole holding up the line by asking the poor, harried concession stand worker to butter the bottom half of my popcorn as well as the top. We all know nobody eats a whole bag of movie-theater popcorn. And if you are the type who brings their half-empty bag home with them after the movie…sad. Just sad. It will never taste as good as it did staring at a 2 story tall screen.

Shia, Harrison, you better have your game faces on. I’ll see you at 9:15.

Egg and Mr. Nut

Meet Egg (left) and Mr. Nut (right). They are two avocado seeds I’m trying to get to root. Egg reminds me of a character on the Garfield & Friends cartoon that was a chicken who refused to come out of his shell; Mr. Nut just has a face. If I can get these two to grow, I’ll have my own avocados in just 7-15 years!

Flattering Photography

If I can take decent pictures with my little Nikon CoolPix L18, surely the photographer at this charity “Raise Money for a Good Cause” dog walk could have taken a better picture of our team (note my saggy poop-bag boobies). Also, I am holding two dogs, Ernie and Banana, but only the tip of Ernie’s nose is visible.

Lunch Hour Gladiators

Thanks to the happy coincidence of the Board of Education’s Attorney’s office being located mere blocks from my house, I sometimes get to time my lunch break with my duties as office courier. On such happy occasions, the boys get a mid-day wrestling break. Sure beats staring out of the window and barking at the mail man.


I was at the HomeDepot last week, picking up some hardward to hang up my porch swing, when I saw these Boston Ferns on sale for $9.98. ‘$9.98!’ I thought, ‘That’s a deal!’ It was pointed out to me by my shopping companion that perhaps they were half-price because they were of less-than-stellar quality. I shook off such Debbie-downer negativity and brought them home. I pulled out all the dead-looking shoots and gave them a good watering, but they do seem to be struggling; I’m trying to bring them around, despite my notorious black thumb. As you can see, one side is doing better than the other. Keep Fern 1 (pictured here) and Fern 2 in your thoughts.