Sunscreen is cool

Fridays during the summer the city of Wilmington hosts a “Downtown Sundown” concert series, with live bands and expensive domestic beers. A lot of the bands are cover bands, which is awesome for me because I have unsophisticated tastes in music. A couple of Fridays ago “The Frontier,” a Journey cover band, played. Like most drunken 20-somethings, I was way into it. Unlike most drunken 20-somethings, I found myself dancing with a creepy old lady. Melanoma Face is a walking skin cancer PSA if ever I’ve seen one.

All I wanted to do was enjoy Kenny’s delicious guitar riffs.

3 thoughts on “Sunscreen is cool

  1. She may be as old as you think. Melanoma woman may have been a twenty-something who’s spent too much time on the beach with too little suncreen.

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