No, we are not dead

Darn you work web filter! The web filter at work has been updated, and blogger wasn’t making it through. That, unfortunately, meant no Bad Mutha Fudrucking updates. Sorry for any sleep you may have lost over my absence of my presence in the blogosphere. Rest assured, I am back, and ready to post inane details of my life and gratuitous pictures of the Mutha Fudruckin’ household. The question is, are you ready? Dexter’s so scared, he can’t even look. He is also afraid of baths, though, so you’ll probably be ok. Probably.

Hemo looks a little worried.

3 thoughts on “No, we are not dead

  1. I’ve missed you! And I’ve missed the guys. At first I thought that there was a mutiny over the Pretty Pretty Princess wear and you’d been voted out of the house or something.

  2. There was an attempted mutiny, but Captain Sarah put that shit down in a hurry. No one wants to be marooned on a deserted island with no hope of kibble (for the boys) or rum (for me).

  3. Sexy Dexy! He looks great in that pic! Happy to see you are back! You’ve inspired me to start a blog as well. Dexter learned to hate baths from his older brother, who despises anyone making him do anything! Tip of the day: To clip his nails or give him a bath, you can continue feeding him treats (broken into small pieces of course).

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