Dog Friendly=Good

Walking the dogs around downtown yesterday, it occured to me that I could very happily live in Wilmington for the rest of my life. For a semi-small town, it’s got a lot to offer–the coast, plenty to see for history buffs, lively downtown scene, and it is defiantely dog friendly. The boys and I have a couple of favorite dog friendly bars, one of which is a hookah bar not too far from my house. Last night we went to see the fire dancers, and the boys did what they do best. Ernie went from patron to patron, a big ol’ smile on his face, enthusiastically licking any offered hands, feet, faces, etc. Dexter is a bit more calm, and spent most of his time inside enjoying the air conditioning…

…or hanging out by himself, pretending he doesn’t know either the crazy lady snapping pictures or the face-raping dog.

One thought on “Dog Friendly=Good

  1. While the camera may have been a cock block, I think Ernie was trying to show you how to work around it. Did you lick any faces or hands?

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