8 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm

  1. I am so glad you had your priorities straight. Booze and Fancy Feast will help you weather the most violent of hurricanes. Oh, and who needs panties!? You may need to flag down a passing boater and everyone knows the best way to do that is to flash them, right?

  2. Oh, stocking up the booze is a good idea. When I lived in NC, I walked a mile in an ice storm to get as much wine as I could carry home. ABC wasn’t open. I didn’t plan well… I did it again later in the afternoon when we ran out.

    That should tell you how much of an alcoholic I was.

  3. dingo – Fancy Feast + Strawberry Vodka = BEST NIGHT EVER. If you are Hemo.

    kate – I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you the parking lots of both the Food Lion and the ABC Store were equally packed. The patrons were equally panicked.

    kristen – Trust me, I know. The underwear business is starting to get out of control. But it does make the back yard poop removal a little more interesting. “Hey look, this is from the Victoria’s Secret Fall 2005 collection!”

  4. I want to be your friend in real life. I think it’d be ‘ruckin magical.

    Also, how did you make it out of an ABC store without purchasing a stack of naked lady playing cards? I don’t believe it.

  5. SO – Being my friend in real life is magical; everyone says so.

    And naked lady playing cards? Sadly, not in my ABC store. I’ll have to look for them in Spencer’s next time I’m getting my Orange Julius fix at the mall.

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