Dexter-shaped hole

Ernie and mailman are not friends. Yesterday, just as I was walking out of the door to take Ernie for a walk, the mailman was walking up the steps. Ernie started barking. Not his “Hey, I’m way excited to see you” bark, either. He busted out his “Holy smokes some shit’s about to go down” bark. I pulled him back inside while my bills and SuperSaver flyer were delivered. I don’t want to piss the mailman off even more. He’s already screwing with my Netflix. I’ll never get to watch the third “The Future is Wild” disc if I get on his badside.

Dexter is in South Carolina this week with his mom, who is on a break from her job as a stewardess on a yacht named Wanderbird. I know he’s having a blast, but the house is a little empty without him. The days are longer for Ernie, since he has to spend the work day at home alone, drinking rum and barking at the mailman. Hemo prefers to spend the day sunbathing on the porch.

My bad. Just don’t get run over.

On the upside, he’s got more free time for finding and eating underwear.

To give myself a little Dex fix, and to prove that Ernie is not the sole target of my abuse, here are some pictures of Dex (who views the camera as a torture device) with his moose.

Hahaha, there is a moose on my back!

I grow weary of this game.

Um, he fell off. Not my fault.

You have compromised my dignity. Now give me a treat.

P.S. Please excuse the filthy floors. I do mop quite a bit, but when we get rain for a couple days in a row, the floors suffer.

9 thoughts on “Dexter-shaped hole

  1. My fiance just doesn’t get it when I play with our dog. He thinks that by talking to her and mentioning key words in an excited voice, that I’m torturing her. I beg to differ – we’re just having a conversation! Ha.

  2. Dexter misses you and Ernie to. Seems like I am the Ernie replacement for him-ouch!! We’ve been playing in the yard, I gave him a bath, and taking him to the beach tomorrow. We’ve had a great time together!!

  3. nilsa – I think of it as a trade-off. They want a treat or a game of tug, and I want to put things on their heads and take pictures. Everyone is a winner!

    so – Right now we’ve got Gosling’s Black Seal Rum in the house. He’s probably at home right now, mixing himself a “Dark and Stormy.”

    danielle – Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I might be off of work on Friday, so maybe I’ll get to see you.

  4. I love moose..s?…I love the plural of moose. Its a hereditary thing, I think, because my mother liked them too. Anyway, I’ve caved in and pulled out … the crate and am morbidly depressed. I may get over it when I get home tomorrow and the house isn’t trashed, though.

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

  5. oh my cat would love me forever if i’d let him roll around in the road. I’m one of those overprotective crazies so he never gets out, lol

  6. the writer – The dogs must love moose, too, because they’ve allowed him to keep both of his antlers and his tuft of hair. And good luck with the crate–it’s not a bad thing! Dex will still nap in his if I kick him off of the couch.

    maxie – It used to be you couldn’t drag Hemo outside, but something changed when she turned 5. She is all about being outside now. If I don’t let her out, she yells and calls me bad names, and then shreds the couch.

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