Spiders are my friends

Remember a while ago when I told you about Charlotte? Well, I finally had to break her web and take the garbage out, and then I didn’t see her anymore. Even though she didn’t ever do anything really cool like write me a note or catch a mockingbird in her web, I was kind of sad to see her go.

Yesterday, though, I saw these two hanging out in the trees in the backyard:

I named them Nellie and Joy after Charlotte’s daughters that stayed with Wilbur. If I find a third, I’ll name her Aranea. If I find anymore, I’m just going to hand out numbers until their personalities emerge. I’m going to make more of an effort with these two; having two big ol’ spiders as my friends might be kind of fun.

I can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “Spiders are my friends

  1. Your clever animation and witty repartee can never, ever, make spiders amusing or cute. Especially spiders the size of a sequoia.

  2. + 8 for the Charlotte’s Web references.

    Where it counts, this post has large amounts.

    I’d even call this post “Radiant” or “Some Post”

  3. nilsa – They are pretty freaking big. Big enough to catch a mockingbird, perhaps?

    dingo – I’m trying to fight fire with fire. Spiders vs. Mockingbirds. I hope the spiders win.

    kate – Trust me–I didn’t get too close. With the original Charlotte, I didn’t put my trash bin on the curb for like a month. I didn’t want to get too close.

    so – Yeah! I think my total is like +9 now. Sweet.

    brazenbaretoe – I’m trying to turn a negative into a positive. The spiders shall become my minions and do my bidding!

  4. Are these silk spiders? We don’t have them up here, but my daughter found some in her yard when she first moved in down there and took pictures. Definitely different from the usual spiders we have up here and BIG!

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

  5. c.watson – They freak me out, too, but I’m trying to assuage my fears with humor. Plus they’ll keep the mosquitos down. Maybe.

    the writer – According to Wikipedia, they are female writing spiders. They are freaking HUGE, though, bigger than the garden spiders my mom gets in Michigan.

    maxie – You have snake stories, I have spider stories. But yours are way scary, and mine, well, not so much.

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