Award-winning blogger saves family of 4, solves economic crisis

So maybe I didn’t save anyone, but I did win an award! Thanks to The Wandering Writer…and her dog I am in receipt of my very first blog award. Because I am a rule follower do not want my award revoked, I am awarding it to the following 7 people who read my blog bloggers:

Danielle at Yachting and Yapping
Dingo at As I Was Saying
Nilsa at SoMi
Maxie at i hate so much
c.watson at Things and Stuff
Kate at New Life in South Dakota
Charlotte at Pup Speak

Thanks for entertaining me during my day at work, guys. Pass it along to 7 other bloggers, if you are so inclined.

6 thoughts on “Award-winning blogger saves family of 4, solves economic crisis

  1. Woohoo! Thank you! You know I love reading your blog. Your pics, paint, and pups make me laugh every day – well, every day you post.

  2. Jeez, I’m flattered.

    Maybe now that my self esteem is burgeoning, I can go buy a REALLY small dog, like, um, a Chihuahua.

    Then again, maybe I need TWO awards to do that.

  3. dingo – No, thank you. Now go rock your kick-ass rainboots!

    nilsa – You are welcome.

    maxie – Paint Maestros Unite!

    ccc pups – Sorry; you’re only getting one from me. I guess that Chihuahua will have to wait.

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