Sorry about the lack of a Monday post, internet friends. We went to a wedding Sunday night that was an hour and half away, and this Bad Mutha Fudrucker didn’t feel like going to work Monday morning. Instead, I did some cleaning up around the house. By cleaning up, I mean that I drank Miller Lite and ate dry Crispix out of the box while I waited for the current load of laundry to be dry. Also I watched the special features on my Lord of the Rings Special DVDs and laughed along with my good friends Dominic Monoghan and Billy Boyd as we recounted that time Orlando Bloom fell out of his canoe. Hilarious!

I am a dork.

I took some sweet pictures this weekend, too. I got my hands on a sharpie and gave Steve a “I Heart Recycling” tattoo. Ernie got a skull and crossbones tattoo. I took pictures of wheelchair wheelies and wedding dances that I’d love to share with you, but sadly my camera cord is sitting on Steve’s desk and not in my purse. So no pictures for you. Ok, maybe one.

With help like this, it’s no wonder I never get any laundry done.

7 thoughts on “:(

  1. I tried to wash the sheets one day and the cats just looked at me and dare I say, growled, at me with such disdain that I gave up and let them be. It’s their fault I don’t have clean sheets.

  2. kate – Man, your cats sound like Bad Mutha Fudruckers. Hemo has hissed at me when I shoo-ed her off of my pillow, but I showed her who the boss was.

    I got another pillow.

    maxie – As long as Hemo doesn’t lick her vag on the clean clothes, I’m alright with it.

    so – …and they definately don’t hang it up right after it comes out of the dryer, becaues Bad Mutha Fudruckers like to iron.

  3. Remember that one time the “you can’t double tig a tag”, with the LoTR cast? Man, good times, good times.

    (I also find myself doing exactly that. Beyond weird, I know)

    Laundry fail. Been there.

  4. vivianne – “Why don’t we ever play ‘tig’ anymore?”


    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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