Dexter hearts Tyra Banks

All those Saturday mornings watching ANTM marathons have not been wasted on the dogs. They’ve learned to make subtle, but crucial, differences in their poses during photo shoots to give me a wide variety of shots. My friend’s dog, Desi…not so much. She’s sticking with what she knows.

For Dex, it’s all in the face.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Dexter hearts Tyra Banks

  1. Nice! My Calvin has mastered frightened, inquisitive, get the fuck out of my face, and pooping.

    Theo has only gotten the hang of licking the camera at any chance.

  2. It seems that Desi is working more on her facial expressions than her body language. As big forehead Tyra says, it’s all in the eyes.

    Did Ernie have Miss Jay come work on his runway walk? He’s workin’ it!

  3. ben – Hemo has an excellent “licking the vag” face, but that’s pretty much all she’s got.

    kate – Food bribes work well for me. I’ve also been known to throw out a “Mommy won’t love you if you don’t let me take your picture/draw on you/put you in a dress.”

    dingo – I think Desi is working on variations of “don’t die.” You can see the stages progress from denial, to hope, desperation, and finally, resignation.

  4. Dexter has years of practice at this! The poor guy…at least you don’t seem to dress him up everytime you get a buzz, as I have! I love the pic of all of the “kids” on the couch. Dex is so happy with that privilege!!!!!

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