Ernie hates World Hunger

The Mutha Fudruckers were a philanthropic group this weekend. On Friday night I went to a cancer benefit, which, was actually to raise money to cure cancer. It was held at El Scorpion, a local bar usually known as the only place in Wilmington to hear live Mexican bands on a weekly basis. $1 from every $3 glass of wine they sold went to the cause, so against my better judgement I drank white wine all night, which I promptly blamed for my poor performance at the pool table. Also, there was what I am sure was a vomit stain on the felt, which also played a part in my defeat. When no one claimed one of the prizes in the raffle, I thought it was hilarious to call across the room, “Julie! You won!” She had not won.

On Sunday I participated in the Crop Walk, an event to raise awareness of and money for world hunger. Ernie and I were standing with our team, waiting for the walk to start, when a lady walked past us with her dog. Her dog, dressed as an angel, stopped to sniff noses with Ernie. The lady looked down, pulled her dog away, and looked at me.

“That dog looks mean,” she said, and walked away. She didn’t say it in a nice, “Oh, your dog looks tough but is obviously a sweetheart,” kind of way. She said it in a “I don’t think your dog should even be alive, let alone allowed out in public,” kind of way. My immediate reaction was to tell her that she looked like a bitch, but I thought that it wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of the day, so I held my tongue. I know I should have a thicker skin about this stuff by now, but it pisses me off every time.

So I steamed about it for the 5 miles of the walk, and by the time we got to the finish I had made my peace with it. A piece of pizza and a Chik-fil-a coupon later, and I had all but forgotten the incident. I turned to my friend and inquired whether or not it would be funny if I ran through the “Stop World Hunger” banner like it was the finish line.

“Yeah,” he said. “About as funny as when you told Julie she won the raffle the other night.”

My bad.

10 thoughts on “Ernie hates World Hunger

  1. Um hello, i did win! i won peace sign earrings. i lost one though-it’s on the dance floor of the mexican club or somewhere at steve’s house. ~julie

  2. Do people understand how stupidly condescening they are? Seriously. I might not have such a decent outlook that you seem to have.

  3. You should have said and your dog looks sad. Yeah, that would have gotten her goat. Who dresses their dogs up like angels? That’s just stupid.

    Congrats on helping the world one drink at a time! Now that’s my kind of cause.

  4. I wish you would have run through that banner, but in slow motion and you singing at the top of your lungs the Chariots of Fire theme.

  5. The Mutha Fudruckers were certainly busy spreading peace and love this weekend! Drinking on it’s own is pleasurable, drinking for the good of humankind, well, that calls for a drink! As for the bitch with the bitch, I find it hard to hold my tongue when people insult Dingo Girl so props to you. Although I do wish that you were still a little drunk so you could have vomited all over her shoes.

  6. ew. i know it was the right thing to do to hold your tongue and all… but ew. what a bitch. maybe “your dog looks like a pussy” would have been more acceptable? 🙂

  7. We have run-ins like that all the time with our dog. As we walk our dog. On the sidewalk. While she is on a leash. And isn’t even interested in other people. There are countless times when people purposefully walk around us. Or cross the street. And give us looks like we are animal abusers. I swear it’s those kind of people that make me want to act in violence. But, then I remind myself they live a very ignorant life and karma will catch up with them.

  8. julie – I guess I’m psychic. I knew you were due for a win.

    kate – A lot of my silence was shock, too. I just couldn’t imagine that she actually said that to my face. She didn’t even have the decency to whisper it behind my back.

    brazenbaretoe – I didn’t want to add to her dog’s burden. The tortured soul already had two strikes against it; her owner is a dumbass and she had to wear a costume on a 5 mile walk.

    so – I try live my life without regrets, but not running through the banner falls squarely into that category.

    dingo – Oh man, I totally wish I had vomited on her shoes. Or her face. Or at least on the dog’s costume, so she wouldn’t have had to wear it.

    alice – I wanted to tell her that Ernie loves angels, but I hate bitches, so she had best get to steppin’. Before we have a serious misunderstanding.

    nilsa – Or how about those people who ask, “Does your dog bite?”

    Yes, he bites. Start running; I’ll see how much of a head start I can buy you.

  9. People are really that rude about your dog? Not for nothing but… I would have told her that her dog looked like a meal.

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

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