I didn’t check the crawl space

Yesterday was not a good day, internet friends. I came home from work to find 3 police officers on my porch and the front door wide open. My first thought was that something had happened to the dogs. As I raced up the porch steps, Dex came waddling out of the front door. Before they could get a word out, I asked the officers if there was another dog here. They told me they had put Ernie in the spare room because they weren’t sure how friendly he was.

The police officers said that they had received a call from a neighbor that my front door was wide open. When they arrived, both dogs were in the house, and nothing seemed amiss (other than the cushions being off the couch, but the dogs do that all the time). Either I didn’t close the door all the way when I left in the morning, or someone came in to the house and the dogs scared him off. I’m 99% sure I locked the lock on the doorknob, but I know I didn’t deadbolt it. The officers walked through the house with me, checking behind every door, in every closet, and under the beds. Once I was satisfied nobody was there and nothing was missing, I packed up the dogs and went to a friend’s house.

During the whole ordeal, I was mainly upset that something could have happened to the dogs. I’m surprised they both stayed in the house (which is not to say they didn’t go roaming and come back, but it was a little chilly yesterday). They could have been hurt–shot or kicked by some desperate drug addict. I thought back to the guy who cut my grass a couple of weeks ago. What if they had tried to attack the police officers as they came in the house? I wouldn’t blame them if they did, but others might not have been so understanding.

It’s got me really shaken up today; I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’m dragging ass today at work. I just want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate in the middle of an Ernie and Dexter sandwich. I’m proud of the boys for being so good and staying close to home, but I feel like I’ve let them down by not keeping them safe.

12 thoughts on “I didn’t check the crawl space

  1. Ugh. That would be absolutely awful. I’m so glad the canines are safe and sound and that they may have had the chance to defend their turf.

    Hang in there.

  2. My heart started beating faster just reading the first few lines of your post. We went through something like that about a year ago — and like you, all was well. But those first few seconds when you don’t know if they are all right make you want to puke, don’t they?

    I’m glad the boys stayed close to home — although you KNOW they went out for a bit. One thing to thing about…are you sure it wasn’t those large assed spiders trying to get in?

  3. Uhh..I’m sorry..it was me. I wanted to make a sandwich so I went into your house to borrow some cold cuts. Hope you don’t mind.

  4. ben – Thanks. It’s much better now that I know they are okay, it’s the “what if?”‘s that are killing me.

    arjewtino – My patented recipe for hot chocolate involves marshmellows, swiss miss, and copious amounts of vodka. Keeps the bad dreams away.

    lbluca77 – Thanks. Halloween? Who needs Halloween? Monday evenings are scary enough.

    dingo – Puking was definately a possibility. I’m sure I looked crazy.
    “Who gives a shit about a burglary–are the dogs here?!?”

    dr zibbs – Man, leave a note next time. And I hope you didn’t take the last of the salami because I’m going to want it for lunch tomorrow.

  5. Wow, that sounds so scary!! I’m so happy YOU are ok and very proud of Ernie and Dexter. I am really shocked Dexter didn’t wander off; I’ve never known him to not take advantage of such a situation. If someone did try to come in, they sure got the scare of their lives!! Way to go BAD MUTHA FUDRUCKERS!!!

  6. I hate not feeling safe in my own home. So frightening! And kudos to the neighbors for calling the police, but why wouldn’t they have called you? Curious about that. But then again, our neighbors watch us like hawks and are the biggest busy bodies around, so we’d know if a shingle blew off the roof.

  7. That is the worst feeling. I once came home and there was someone in my house. I’ve never been so scared in my life. You’re probably going to need 2 more hot chocolates, you know to settle the nerves and all. Thank goodness you have nice, well behaved kids.

  8. Hemo was throwing a raging kegger and some neighbor narked on him.

    Of course, Hemo panicked and left the door open.

    That was so rookie, Hemo. SO rookie.

  9. I’m glad you’re all okay! I wouldn’t beat myself up over it, but I would be sure to do the dead bolt from now on! Dex and Ernie look like they are just glad to be with you!

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

  10. daniellie –I’m just so relieved! The boys were so good. We should be proud.

    kate – My neighbors are a transient bunch, and I still don’t know who called the police. No one ‘fessed up when I went to thanks them yesterday.

    brazenbaretoe – What I needed was 4 or 5 “adult” hot chocolates, but an early night in was enough to chill me out.

    so – Hemo’s a bitch. She’s grounded.

    the writer – I’m glad they are still with me.

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