Sometimes good things happen

Yesterday was much better than the day before. At least, there weren’t any cops waiting for me when I got home and the house was still locked up. Sweet.

Also, Julie and I picked up our back-up Halloween costumes:

We laughed at each other for about 20 minutes in Joann Fabrics.

Anyway, the BF mentioned that I should blog sometimes about the good experiences I have with the dogs out in public. I tried to explain that it would be boring to read about how I walked the dogs and someone didn’t tell me how viscious my dogs are. However, in the interest of fairness, I’m going to give it a try. Here goes…

  • Saturday we were sitting outside at the Dock Street Oyster Bar. This place is very Dex and Ernie friendly and our waitress always brings out a bucket of water for the dogs. Two guys were sitting at the table next to us, and one of them came over to pet the dogs and mentioned that his pit bull had been hit by a car and died 2 weeks ago. He told us they were out in the country and his dog had followed a car 2 miles out to the highway and had gotten run over. We offered our condolences, and then the guy asked the dogs’ names. He was a little taken aback when we told him; his dog’s name was Dexter, too. What a coincidence.
  • Then we went to The Barbary Coast for some beers and some pool. As soon as we walked in, Dex and Ernie were fawned over by some drunk ladies at the bar. Dex made a bee-line for the treats behind the bar, and Ernie was busy giving everyone high fives. Several people commented to me how well behaved the dogs are, and that they wish they could bring their dogs out in public. Later on, a guy brought in his pit bull with the biggest head I have ever seen on a dog in my entire life. He (the dog, not the owner) and Dex had a blast sniffing butts and guarding the front door together.

So there you have it. A completely positive post. A little bit boring, too, but I’m too busy stressing about my Halloween costume and the upcoming NaNoWriMo to come up with much more.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes good things happen

  1. Got a question for you. Do your guys have an underbite? Bear does and some people just assume he’s mean and baring his teeth, when in fact, they just get caught on his upper lips a lot of the time…not that this has anything to do with your costume…which is trez chic!

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

  2. I think you should drive around town with those masks on. Freaks people out to see drivers like that. Would definitely give you more laughs.

    And I agree with the BF. Your dogs can be misinterpreted to be mean, aggressive and bad for the community without people knowing anything about them. You should be proud to share stories of when they behave well. Maybe then, people will begin to realize pits are good dogs when trained/raised properly!

  3. dr zibbs – So you’re the one.

    kate – I decided to take SO’s suggestion and be a baked potato. Last night I got some serious work done on it. I feel better.

    the writer – I’m lucky that both of the dogs have awesome bites…no underbite, just the right amount of overbite. People just think they are mean looking because they are, well, pit bulls. Although there was a boxer mix at the vet’s one time that was missing parts of her upper lip. Talk about a permanent snarl…

    nilsa – I think I’d be too distracted by my reflection in the rear view mirror to wear those masks driving! They are seriously too funny.

    lbluca77 – I hear you. Thanks God for blogs.

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