Thank you, Danny Tanner

I’m sure everyone knows it’s Election Day. Get out and vote, cast a provisional ballot if you have to, just do it! Plus, you can collect some serious goodies just for fulfilling your civic duties. Krispie Kreme is giving away free donuts, Ben & Jerry’s is giving away free scoops of ice cream (between 5 and 8pm), and Starbucks is giving away free tall coffees. So go vote, and get some free stuff, too!


I was thinking last night about how much I’ve learned from “Full House.” Not a month goes by that I don’t thank Uncle Jesse for helping me remember that “Congratulations” is spelled with a ‘t’ rather than a ‘d.’ In one episode, Joey is pitching his idea for a Ranger Joe tv show, and Jesse made him a cake with “CONGRATS JOEY” written on it to celebrate his success, then covers up some letters to demonstrate how the cake could easily function as a sympathy cake (“RATS JOEY”). It’s not like I decorate cakes for a living, but you’d be surprised how often I’m called upon to offer someone congratulations for an accomplishment, be it 1,000th blog post or a coworker’s retirement.

Remember the episode where Stephanie is entering the school spelling bee? Danny helps her remember how to spell ‘success’ by teaching her the pneumonic, “double the c, double the s, and you will have ‘success’.” Got it!

Speaking of Stephanie, how about when she got tired of her dance troupe and totally messed up their routine to Boyz II Men’s “Motown Philly” on purpose so she’d get kicked out? Not cool, Steph. Not cool at all. Especially with that sweet-ass costume. Move over, Sparkle Motion. Stephanie Tanner is kickin’ it just for you.

Would I ever wear pleated pants and a vest to my first day of junior high? No way. I learned from D.J.’s mistakes. I don’t want to wear the same outfit as my English teacher and end up eating my lunch in a phone booth (A phone booth? Really? Did anyone’s school cafeteria have a phone booth?).

Other things I learned from Full House? It is ok to:

  • Ask your Canadian college buddy to move in with you and help raise your three daughters after your wife dies, and expect that friend to live in an alcove off of the living room.
  • Live in your brother-in-law’s attic with your new wife and twin boys.
  • Get your family lost on what you believe to be a deserted island, because eventually you will meet up with the Beach Boys and have an awesome family vacation.

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Danny Tanner

  1. I was obviously not of the Full House generation and I seriously doubt anyone could beat the learning opportunities presented by the Brady Bunch!

  2. Congratulations is a word I always misspell. Yes I am one of those people that spell it with a D. I have actually wrote that on a card before and the person read it out loud at her party and pointed out my misspelling. Very embarrassing, but I still always spell it wrong.

  3. Remember the episode when Teddy gives Michelle Furry Murray when he moves away?

    I blogged about that episode once.

    “I’m too sad to be mad.”

    And also, Uncle Jesse with “The Smush Club” on the napkins. So much spelling errors in the world of Full House.

    And DJ hated her “Charlie Brown cheeks” so she ate ice pops instead of spaghetti. Shit got real.

  4. dingo – The only thing I learned from the Brady Bunch was how not to dress.

    lbluca77 – I have to think about it every time. It’s like a brain hiccup.

    kate – Really? I thought she started reading the “Left Behind” series and followed her brother into an evangelical cult…

    so – “This is no fun, no fun, staring at the wall.”

    That’s right, Michelle. You are grounded.

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