Monkey Plague?

Am I going to have to stop reading Crissy’s blog? Because I have come down with the Monkey Plague of the Eye, internet friends. I’m so grossed out by this that I can’t even comment on the election results, other than to say I am proud, excited, relieved, and humbled. I’ll be away from my desk at work for a couple days, which is where I do most of my blogging, so talk amongst yourselves and I’ll be back soon to give you the run down.

Here’s a little Dexter porn to tide you over.

What a slut.

10 thoughts on “Monkey Plague?

  1. I love Crissy but I think the CDC should conduct a little research. Most of her commenters has come down with the Monkey Plague within the last month.

    The Dexter porn is doing it for me.

  2. I have the Monkey Plague as well. Poor Crissy, she doesn’t know how powerful she really is.

    And Dexter? He’s a happy puppy. Yes, he is.

  3. Crissy is code for crack. Once you start, you just can’t stop.

    And it’s not porn until Dexter brings out his lipstick. hahaha.

  4. Wow, porn and monkey plauge all in one post that is amazing.

    Doesn’t Dexter look so happy weining the world?

  5. Just because I currently have the Monkey Plague doesn’t mean that you all got it from me.

    It doesn’t.

    Unless you’ve all been Frenching my picture.

    Then maybe.

  6. ben – Sadly, yes. Yes it is. Niiiiiiiice.

    dingo – Seriously. I ❤ Crissy, but that shit is suspicious.

    kate – Happy and proud. Very Happy.

    nilsa – The BF can tell you…Dexter gets very happy, and does what we call the “air hump.” It’s gross. But we still love him.

    lllbuca77 – Expect the unexpected. I’m not sure what commercial that is from, but still…

    so – You are my west coast crush.

    brazenbaretoe –Happy…and proud. It’s pretty sick.

    crissy – I’m just saying….I have The Plague and I blame it on you.

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