I’ve been pretty good this year

What I really want for Christmas this year is a real, big girl camera. I can occasionally get some decent pictures with my little Nikon point-and-shoot if I don’t have to use the flash, and nobody is moving, and my subject is less than 7 feet away from me, and a unicorn is looking over my right shoulder…

I’d love to get some pictures that look less like my 5 year old niece took them and more like this.

9 thoughts on “I’ve been pretty good this year

  1. I want a new camera, too. My film camera (which I love and have hung onto ’til death do us part. Which it did) died and I just have a crappy old digital cast off from my mom and dad. I want a camera. *pouts*

  2. kate – We should start a club. An “I want a big girl camera” club. I think we should meet on a downtown corner and rattle some empty coffee cups in an attempt to get people to donate to our cause.

    maxie – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    lump – It would be fine, except those unicorns are so unreliable.

    julie – Yeah, that was a true POS.

  3. ME TOO. I have a little Nikon point-and-shoot and I’ve gotten some pretty ok pictures but it totally lacks flexibility and is horrendous for any kind of action shots.

    Big girl camera is definitely what I need!

  4. Cameras are so wonderful to have. If Santa doesn’t bring one for you, you should write him a very strongly worded letter.

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