BlogSecret pt. II

So…remember the BlogSecret post I hosted where Anonymous wrote a beautiful letter to a girl I’m calling Potential? Remember how we have been on pins and needles waiting to hear if Anonymous would take our collective advice and share the letter with Potential?

Well, Anonymous just sent Potential a birthday card with the address of the post.

Fingers crossed! Keep us updated, Anonymous!

P.S. Don’t forget about the contest.

7 thoughts on “BlogSecret pt. II

  1. I hope it works out! That really was such a sweet letter.

    And if you are wondering, yes I am bored at work and no I don’t feel actually doing my work. I just keep my google reader open. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG – that’s awesome! I’m thinking I may need to do a BlogSecret follow-up in three months … to see if participants changed as a result of BlogSecret … this would be the perfect story to highlight! Keep us updated!

  3. Actually, I missed that one and, oh, it seems will have some reading to do this weekend…. Heralding from Michigan myself, well, briefly at least as only the sane seem to leave that state … as I did in infancy, I appreciate your comment on my entree. I believe there is a phrase about “Rolling On The Floor” that aptly applies here.

    Happy wandering!

    The Writer…and her dog, Bear

  4. That’s pretty cool. But Anonymous didn’t send the birthday card anonymously, did he?

    Holy crap! I just looked at your NaNoWriMo meter. You’re almost at 30,000 words! You rock!

  5. I read the post (much later than was originally indicated by Anonymous). I’m much less of an idealist, but I agree, there is undeniable potential. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m taking her out to dinner when I get back home in two weeks. Hopefully we can talk.

    Also I think shes reading this now.

    Hey πŸ™‚

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