I know it’s just a t-shirt and a couple of coozies, but we are in an Economic Crisis!

You know that scene in Erin Brokovich where her biker boyfriend presents Julia Roberts with a pair of earrings after giving her a speech about how he had been planning on giving them to her the next time she said ‘thank you’ or did something nice? And how that never happened so he was just going to give them to her now, as he broke up with her?

Well, I told myself last night that I’d do a bloggy give away as soon as I won something. Lo and behold, Lump gave me an award! Sweet. Happy Friday to me!

To prevent my Fabulous Crown from being snatched from my head as I cry and run stumbling from the catwalk, scalp bleeding and mascara running, I am to list 5 of my addictions, and pass it along to 5 other fabulous bloggers.

My addictions:

1. Tetris – Steve has two bathrooms in his house; one is the regular, public bathroom and the other one I call the ‘poopy bathroom’ in my head because it is in the master bedroom and this is where I go when I need to see a man about a horse. In addition to the Maxim magazines, there is a Game Boy. I have sat there, pants around my ankles, for upwards of 45 minutes playing Tetris and trying to beat his high score. I have been as of yet unsuccessful, but maybe I’ll make some chili this weekend and get in some quality time with the Game Boy.

2. Serial novels – I cannot pass up a book series. Sometimes this is good; the Dune series, the Chronicles of Narnia, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, etc. Some times this is not so good. See: Clan of the Cave Bear. The first book was good alright, but the series quickly devolves into soft core housewife porn. I couldn’t stop, though. I slogged through to the end of the series, however, and towards the end it seemed like every other page was a mammoth on human rape scene. When I finally finished, I felt dirty.

3. Socks – I need to have socks on ALL THE TIME. Even if I kick them off during the night, I have a hard time falling asleep without socks on. These little piggies get cold.

4. Karaoke – Karaoke is like a drug to me. Once I sing one song, I want need to sing another, and another, and another, until I’m signing up for songs under various pseudonyms in a desperate attempt to trick the DJ into letting me sing more songs, boasting proudly that “karaoke is 2% singing ability and 98% song choice,” and loudly promising to vomit on the next person who sings “Strawberry Wine.”

5. Biting my fingernails – Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a nail biter. It’s disgusting, I know, but I CAN’T STOP.

I’m passing this along to the following bloggers:

Katie @ save the pitbull, save the world because I am in awe of all the fabulous work she’s done with her adorable pitties, Luce and Mushroom.

LBluca77 for her fabulous bacon eating abilities.

BrazenBareToe for pointing me in the direction of the torture fabulous experience that is NaNoWriMo.

Dolce @ La Dolce Vita for her fabulous ability to make my co-workers doubt my sanity as I laugh out loud not-so-quietly at my desk.

Finally, to Nilsa @ SoMi for organizing and hosting the fabulous BlogSecret.

Ok, so the first Bad Mutha Fudruckers’ Pay it Forward Give Away.

The prizes: A t-shirt and two coozies from Wilmington’s Most Awesome Dex And Ernie Friendly Bar, The Barbary Coast.

*actual t-shirt/coozy design may vary slightly, as I just made these up from memory in MS Paint today*

How to win
: Leave a comment starting today (11/21) and ending Sunday, November 30 to be entered in the contest. One entry for each comment (multiple comments=multiple entries, up to 2 per post). If you have a blog and pimp this contest on it, you can earn yourself another entry (leave me a comment letting me know you are a pimp). Feel free to use this badge:

The winner will be determined by a random number generator and announced Monday, December 1st. The winner is expected to host their own Pay It Forward Give Away, with their own prizes and rules, thus Paying It Forward.

Questions? No? Good.

If you have a question and are too embarassed to ask in front of the entire class, you can email a Mutha Fudrucker at badmuthafudrucker [at] gmail [dot] com.

21 thoughts on “I know it’s just a t-shirt and a couple of coozies, but we are in an Economic Crisis!

  1. Hahaha – love that shirt. It’s awesome. And thanks for the award … once I get my $hit together, I’ll be sure to pay it forward!

  2. YAY!!!! I love awards, they make me feel special. I just had to sneak online at work to see this award, but it was totally worth it.

    Thank you. You are also fabulous.

  3. nilsa – Sounds like a plan. I hope I’m not remembering the shirt completely wrong.

    lbluca77 – Sneaky sneaky…glad I could be a part of it.

    dr zibbs – Wilmington, North Carolina, actually. I’ve never been to Wilmington, DE, but I hear it’s not as cool.

  4. lump – I know, but does everyone else? The dogs think I rock, but that is mainly because I cause food to keep appearing in their bowls.

  5. I can definitely see how you are addicted to Tetris. I should keep a Game Boy in my bathroom. 🙂

    Enter me in please! Contest that is.

  6. Hey! I think I asked for a t-shirt from Barbary Coast AGES ago and now you’re telling me I have to win it? That’s just so wrong.

    Speaking of serial novels. Did you read the Outlander series? It was a lovely distraction while I was supposed to be studying for my LSAT many, many moons ago. I’ve never read the last one because I can’t bear to find out if things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.

  7. Holy Crap!!! Two awards in one week.

    I’m blushing. Seriously Blushing!!! I wish my blog wasn’t anon. and I could scream from my office door how cool I am, but that would mean I wouldn’t get to blog about my insane and stupid co-workers.

    Thanks a ton, friend!

  8. kate – Internet porn? Me too.

    …I mean, wow, that’s weird.

    marie – Game Boy + bathroom = large red ring around your nether regions.

    Just a word of advice.

    And thanks for pimpin’! Keep that pimp hand strong. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. *Insert lame pimp joke here*

    ben – I don’t know if they make weiner-sized shirts. Maybe they could just wear the coozy, with the bottom cut out.

    dingo – I have not heard of the Outlander series, but I can already tell you I’ll be addicted. You did say series, right?

    dolce – I’m the only one in my department right now (4:30 on a Friday…this sucks) so I just announced to the hallway that some people appreciate me, unlike some people that work here.

    It felt good to get that off of my chest.

  9. Yay! My very firsty first award. Umm, do I do something too like pass it on if I want, what are the rules? I got an award! Yay me!

    Oh and I so want a pirate tee shirt and cozies hide the beer can from the po po when you want to drink and boat. I mean when you drink and someone else boats (drives the boat, is boating? What is the word is it sailing? But it’s not really a sail boat…whatever you get the gist.)

    Does Steve wonder why you are in there for 45 minutes? The Hubs sends in the search party (Buddy) if I’m in there more than 5.

  10. brookem – Thanks for stopping by! I love coozies…they would have been #6 on my list of addictions.

    brazenbaretoe – So many questions! I’m going to break it down…

    *The rules:
    You have to
    1. announce to the blogosphere that an award has been bestowed upon you by me;
    2. list 5 of your addictions; and
    3. pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

    *Driving a boat = piloting a boat

    *Does Steve wonder? Well, he knows I’m either a)blowing up the toilet in a serious way, b)kicking ass in Tetris, or c)both. *Hint* It’s usually both.

  11. You did not just badmouth the Clan of the Cavebear books! Unacceptable! Accurate, ok, I’ll give you that, but unacceptable. :p

    Thanks for the award. I’m totally flattered!

  12. katie – I’m sorry. If I had stopped after CotC, maybe I would be okay.

    But the rest of the Earth’s Children series killed me. And made me feel dirty.

    karen s – It could be yours…stay tuned!

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