So apparently my blog is down due to some false spamming issues? Fuck. WordPress is looking good right now…

At least it’s Friday.

9 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. It happens on WordPress, too, but all it does is moderate my comments until I step in and re set the controls.

    We’ve had two spam attacks in the last few months, so I’ve left mine moderated.

    Plus, WordPress is just way cooler than blogspot. Blogspot is the AOL of blogs.

  2. I don’t use WordPress but it looks pretty sweet. But I think spam is a problem bigger than which blogging software you use.

  3. I’m obviously late here, but I hear that the coolest bloggers in the world use WordPress. Yes, I’m talking about Billy Idol.

  4. I’ve been using WordPress for my business blogs. It sure beats Blooger. It’s very easy to import your existing blog into it. Let me know if you do this — I have a special SEO optimized theme you can customize and use.

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