None of this would apply if I could grow a decent handlebar moustache

About every 3 or 4 months, I grow an extra-long eyebrow hair in my right eyebrow. It goes pretty much unnoticed by everyone except for me, as it is always very blonde and very thin. I’ll just get a feeling one day, and reach up to check, and yes! It’s back!

I love this eyebrow hair, and become obsessed with it as it grows. Every so often my hand will sneak up to stroke it, much like I imagine I’d stroke a beard or a moustache if I had one. I sit in front of the mirror and pull it gently to prove to myself it’s still there and attached.

I made the mistake of pointing it out to my roommates once, who immediately offered to pluck it for me. When I refused, they moved from offering help to threatening to pluck it as I slept. I don’t have to tell you it was a sleepless night.

I got that special feeling today at lunch as I ate my apple and peanut M&M’s (I ate my pb&j at 10:00 because I skipped breakfast). I reached up, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. My fingers slid across my eyebrow until I was able to detect and wrap my index finger around the renegade hair.

Long, boring budget meeting? Stressfull phone call with my grandmother? It is the MAD Cat to my Dr. Claw. Seriously, this thing is almost better than as good as a cold beer.

19 thoughts on “None of this would apply if I could grow a decent handlebar moustache

  1. I miss Inspector Gadget. He was a dork but his niece was just awesome. And so was the dog.

    I just usually twirl my hair.

  2. I’m slightly obsessed with plucking my eyebrows so I wouldn’t be able to handle it. My sister totally freaked out her boyfriend saying that every girl gets one long nipple hair. It’s true though.

  3. I am disappointed that there is no MS Paint picture to go along with this so I could actually see how enthralling this hair is.

  4. My hubby has one really long eyebrow hair on his right eyebrow too! He won’t let me trim it or pluck it or anything. So every so often, I’m just unable to focus on what he says because of this like 2 inch eyebrow hair. I mean, seriously, it has its own phone number.

  5. I am both strangely fascinated and utterly appalled. Must have MS paint picture (like Dingo requested) to assist me in processing this information.

  6. Although I enjoy reading about your random, wild hair, it would drive me insane. How do I know? I have one on my forehead. It’s blonde and grows about a foot in one night. I pluck it when I see the sneaky bastard.

    I’m glad you’ve embraced yours though. I so agree that you should name it, and feature it in MS paint picture. PLEASE????

  7. I have the EXACT SAME hair in the middle of my back. You can’t even see it, but every now and then, I reach back there and grab it by accident, thinking it’s a normal hair from my head… and it’s like 2 inches long! So cool and weird!

    My mom has the same thing on her arm… must be genetic!

  8. i had a really long eye lash and i was obsessed with it never going away. the day it fell out i was sad.

  9. dr zibbs – I’m going with Curly Sue.

    lbluca – I’d buy her a beer if I could.

    lily – Do you stroke it lovingly?

    andy – You are welcome.

    marie – I was so jealous of her notebook computer. I guess we have those now, but still…they don’t seem as cool.

    kate – Stay away from Curly Sue!

    rs27 – I’m making sense to you? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    allconsumingego – I would be freaked out if Curly Sue was on my nipple. I mean, how could I stroke her without looking like a total freak?

    dingo – I tried, but I really couldn’t capture her beauty.

    daisee – You wouldn’t even be able to see Curly Sue. Really. She’s like a ninja hair. Invisible.

    dani – I’ll see what I can do.

    summer – Man, you guys are needy.

    lilu – Pulling on a back hair sounds painful. Is it?

    so – Now the song is in my head…

    alexa – I’m sad for you. That would have been one hell of a wish.

    maxie – 6 inches, huh? Curly Sue never makes it past 3.5…:(

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