Meet…Curly Sue

I got one of my co-workers to help me take a picture of Curly Sue* for your viewing pleasure. Gaze upon her beauty!

[Pay no attention to my bitten nails or unplucked eyebrows. Trust me. It’s better this way.]

So…jealous much? I would be, too. Isn’t she a thing of beauty? It’s too bad I can’t type and twirl her around my finger, because looking at this picture is seriously making me want to bust out some pomade and style Curly Sue. Right. Now.

I know that some of you requested a Paint portrait, but really, I tried and I couldn’t do her justice.

As a Double Bonus Happiness, I got my birthday present** from my sister Anne and her fiance, Justin, today. I know! Curly Sue and birthday happiness? How lucky can a girl get? I’ll probably go home to dog poop all over the house today, just to balance everything out.

It’s ok, though, because Anne (who reads this blog sometimes) sent me Cake Decorating for Dummies and the Scrabble Word Building Book. I wish it were the weekend so I could spend all day making Scrabble tile cakes and brushing Curly Sue.

*Thanks to Dr. Zibbs for giving me the idea to name her.
**My birthday is on Sunday. Happy 27th to me!

26 thoughts on “Meet…Curly Sue

  1. Can I pluck it? I REALLY want to pluck it!

    It’s like it’s calling to me to pluck it.

    Sidenote: my word verification is “evilings”

  2. Happy early bday!

    Btw, I had one of those stray long hairs on my upper arm. One day.. it just disappeared. Treasure yours while it lasts.

  3. Very funny. Have one myself. 🙂 Have you seen the Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp”? How much fun would it be to see that sucker come springing out, slo-mo?!

  4. dr zibbs – I definately will.

    lily – I don’t know, but aren’t they wonderful?

    lbluca – Thanks. She *is* amazing, isn’t she?

    marie – No! No, you may not pluck her. That would be evil(ings).

    See what I did there?

    jac – I dread the day when I reach up and she’s no longer there.

    lump – She’s really not noticeable in real life. I had to use a trashbag as a backdrop so you could even see her in the picture.

    pearl – OMG that would be wonderful.

  5. You know your co-worker is now telling everyone about this weird hair you have and how you made her take a picture of it, right? She’s just jealous. Everyone wants a Curly Sue.

  6. That’s a good one. I used to date a girl who had one neck hair that would grow out from right by her adam’s apple. It would be long and dark and I’d have to pluck it before we’d go anywhere important.

    We didn’t last too long.

  7. dingo – They already think I’m crazy; it’s cool. I mean come on–who doesn’t want a Curly Sue?

    surviving myself – Wait–did you have to pluck it because she hated it or because you did?

    kate – Thanks! But I can’t pluck Curly Sue…she is the flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood.

  8. Happy Birthday (to you and Curly Sue). My brother has the exact same birthday. He’ll be 31 though, not 27. Otherwise you’d be twins. I mean, except from different parents and all 🙂

  9. daisee – Twins! My grandma still thinks my birthday is Feb. 2. Oh well. I always forget hers is Christmas Eve which makes me a bad granddaughter.

    rs27 – The better to see you with, my dear.

  10. That is so much better than a Paint portrait! Hello, Curly Sue. I’ll have to try and get a picture of my back hair next time I find it, so we can compare.

  11. OMG! Yours is awesome. I have a Goth Greta that shows up on the chin bend part of my neck. I never even knew she was there until my daughter spied her shining in the sun one day. I used to like her rather like you like Curly Sue..but she’s turned dark and gloomy and doesn’t shine and wave anymore. She’s thick and mean and black as can be…we have turned into mortal enemies.

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