It’s got what plants crave!

OMFG it is Friday and I couldn’t be more happy. Well, that is a lie. If it were Friday and I were lounging on the beach with a breakfast Bloody Mary in my hand and a 120-layer croissant in the other, I would be happier. Instead I’m sitting at my desk with a thermal mug full of Squirt (stop it) and a cinnamon raisin bagel from Harris Teeter, but I’ll take it.

I added a couple of plants to my ghetto garden yesterday–a replacement tomato, an experimental eggplant, and a discounted tomatillo. We’ll see how they do. The real story is that with the additional plants, I have to carry 3 Sailor Jerry’s bottles full of water out to the front porch to water everything.

Yeah, you heard right. My watering cans are empty Sailor Jerry’s bottles.

Don’t judge me! It’s Friday, and those vegetables deserve a little nip now and again if they are going to survive on the Bad Mutha Fudruckers Farm. Drink up, tomatillo…mama wants some salsa.

14 thoughts on “It’s got what plants crave!

  1. You’re really making me want to start a garden. But I’m scared I’ll get arrested for plant cruelty or something… I kill everything I’ve ever tried to grow.

    Do it on the sly and dispose of the evidence quickly. That’s my plan.

  2. One of my co-workers once brought me some Squirt when he visited NC, thinking that’s all I drank there. He was shocked to learn I hadn’t even heard of the stuff. They must not drink it in Chapel Hill. =) And oh yeah, you shop at the Hairy Peter … heheheh.

    Have a great weekend, girl!

    hahaha Hairy Peter. It’s funny every time. Another awesome drink? Squirt + Hawaiian Punch. Seriously delicious. Some might even say magical.

  3. This will be my first year of having a really big garden. I am a lil nervous but very excited!! Good luck on your plant growing!!

    Good luck to you too! Internet high five! *slap*

  4. I don’t have any kind of porch/balcony thing, so I can’t do the garden. Plus, my dogs would eat and/or pee on everything I planted anyway. So I’ll just come to your house and eat your salsa. Sounds good right?

    If my garden produces anything, I’ll be more than willing to share. Canning might prove more than I’m capable of, though. We shall see…

  5. You’re making me want a garden too, but I have rabbits all over my backyard in the mornings. I just know those little bastards will gobble up my goodies while I’m sleeping. My new puppy won’t even bark at them. He looks like he wants to snuggle or some shit. Maybe I could get those tomato things that grow upside down. Oh, and another herb to consider along with the cilantro… mint. I have grown pineapple mint and chocolate mint. Awesome for tea and mixed drinks. Smells glorious, and mint is nearly impossible to kill.

    Impossible to kill? Sounds right up my alley. I don’t have rabbits (or squirrels, deer, feral cats…) in my backyard because the dogs are on full alert. Last week the neighbor’s chihuahua puppy dug under the fence into my yard and very nearly shit her sequined pants when confronted with Ernie and Dexter. I definately wants to do some cilantro and mint. Although chocolate mint sounds too good to be true.

  6. I wish I could grow tomatoes in my balcony pots. I’d kill them though. As I do with most plants that require water on a regular basis.

    I’m either an over- or under-waterer. The good thing about the container plants is that they need to be watered every day, so it’s a no-brainer. Feed the dogs :: water the plants. Done and done.

    Having said this…I don’t have any vegetables yet and one tomato plant died. So we’ll see.

  7. How do you keep Ernie and Dexter away from the plants? Or Hemo? We bought a house with a nice plain back yard in the hopes of having not only a place for the dogs to play but also a place for me to experiment garden. However, they get into everything – one’s a digger and I can only imagine what she’d do to plants. Plus the cats eat everything – one destroyed the pretty potted rose plant thingy my hub got for me for V-day a few years back.

    Maybe I’ll just pay you to make fresh salsa and ship it to me. With some Squirt and Harris Teeter (we don’t have the HT here, but I’ve been to one before!)

    Oh, how I love the Teet’. Anyway, I have my vegetable garden in containers on the front porch, so I can keep the dogs out of them (they are notorious salad eaters and like to snack on everything from dandelions to mums). Hemo…well, she likes to pretend she isn’t a part of the family and can usually be seen hanging out on the front porch ignoring everyone, including plants. She doesn’t even like cat nip…

  8. Breakfast bloody marys are my FAVORITE… extra horseradish, please. I like my booze to burn.

    Yeah, you gotta earn that before-noon buzz.

  9. That is a seriously awesome idea: use Sailor Jerry to grow Bloody Marys right out of the ground!

    But don’t waste your time growing cilantro. Grow that extra horseradish.

    I’m down with 2 of the three “R’s”: Reuse, Recycle…but forget Reduce. I’m not reducing my (alcohol) consumption.

  10. I would need to be somewhere nice like pool or beach and drink cocktails non stop too. Not actually non stop because I’ll stop when I get too doozy but it beats having so many things to do :p

    Yeah procrastination!

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