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Yes, I used to have a Backstreet Boys Fan page.  I’m not proud of it.  It was 1998 and I was KTBSPA* like whoa.  The view counter is now defunct, but I think it retired at about 500 page views, 475 of which were me checking to see if I’d uploaded the HTML right, 24 were views I directly solicited from friends, and 1 was my friend Cory who logged in to sign the guest book as Howie D. 

Note the title: “Sarah and Lauren’s awesomely cool Backstreet Boys Page!” (the exclamation mark really sells it).  While other teens were chronicling their angst on LiveJournal, I was up all night on ICQ, stealing pictures from other BSB websites, reposting interviews, and thumbing through my copy of ‘HTML for Dummies’.

Some high low lights:

  • My sister Lauren and I’s crowning achievement was “The K Files.”  Combining our two great loves, the X Files and the BSB, we set up a mock investigation into the oppression of Kevin Richardson (Lauren’s favorite BSB).
  • Fan fiction.  OMFG I just threw up in my mouth reading my disgusting attempt at fan fiction.
  • Distracting background images For The Win!

The fact that I was 16 is no excuse.  That time in my life is a blur of TRL and sleep overs.  Also that one time I made a video of me fake marrying my AP History teacher, Mr. Tucker (who, unfortunately, was unable to attend the ceremony but my stuffed Little Foot was kind enough to stand in for him).

Thank goodness for my friend S, who took the BSB pins off of my purse and threw them in a puddle of Mt. Dew in the trash can during senior portraits, and then later took me to my first “barn party” where I consumed my first beer and attempted to impress him by smoking my first cigarette.  I’m not sure if he was impressed**, but the BSB curse was lifted and I moved on to the next phase in my life: a Ben Harper loving, Natty Light swilling, college freshman who hates her women’s college and escapes to Wake Forest to binge drink.

Thankfully I out grew that phase, too.

*Keeping The BackStreet Pride Alive.
**He left the party early, leaving me making out with my asshat of an ex boyfriend on the hood of ex-bf’s Camaro (barf), after which I passed out in the backseat of another friend’s car and woke up the next morning with my very first Hangover From Hell

14 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I’m just impressed that you could play around with html at that age!

    As for the BSB infatuation, um, it’s ok, we’ve all had our “interesting” obsessions.

    But are they documented on the web?

  2. I had a Little Foot too.

    I am also a man.

    There is something wrong with that.

    I would argue that there is nothing wrong with a man loving a dinosaur. As long as you’re not, you know, loving a dinosaur.

  3. “Keeping The BackStreet Pride Alive”

    This honestly made me love you so much more.

    I’m not sure what that says about me, except that it feels great to not be alone in my Geekdom.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. KTBSPA since 1996!

  4. So you were a damn hoot even back then. Oh, and I’m with LiLu– this post made me love you even more.

    Oh man, thanks for embracing me in all of my disgusting teeny bopper-ness.

  5. I used to wanna marry Nick Carter. Shame on me.

    Have I mentioned I joined the fans club too ? ;p

    I never joined the fan club. But only because I spent all of my baby-sitting money on Tiger Beats.

  6. OOOH Nick Carter is gross by association. I hear he hangs out with Tommy Lee (ew.)

    Probably more of an N*Sync girl, but really I’m a hard core rappin’ bitch.

    I used to be so anti-N*Sync, it’s not even funny. God I hate my 16 year old self…

  7. This just goes to show that girls with make out with anyone with a Camaro.

    I bought 2.

    One for the money. And two for the show.


  8. Oh, whatev. If I had just a little more time, I would make a fansite for Girls Aloud right now. This very minute!

    I’m not even kidding.

    I’ll check it out and judge you.

  9. Um. Wow. Yeah.

    I, too, am impressed with your early mad HTML skills though.

    Rock on. If you can call it rock, that is.

    I don’t (call it that). But I do (rock on). Watch for my Kelly Clarkson fan page up soon.

  10. Oh. My. God. I had like 284 geocities sites. I can’t remember what any of them were but I wish I did.

    Man, I wish you did, too. What was up with all that backslash bullshit?!?

  11. HAHA!! That is so awesome and I am not going to lie i probably checked this page out back in the day.

    Did you sign the guestbook? Why didn’t you sign the guestbook?!?

  12. You did not just make me click on a BSB fan page. You did that on purpose. That’ll teach me to read the text before opening enlarging any pictures.

    Just be grateful the midi version of “I Want it That Way” no longer plays. On a loop.

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