It’s Friday–let’s bust some balls

It’s Friday, and you know what that means — I play league volleyball! Oh, you didn’t know? That’s ok. I forgive you.

I don’t know if your town has one of these, but we have Capt’n Bill’s beach volleyball facility and it rocks my face off. There are several different leagues, seperated by skill level:

‘A’ level: You are damn good. Like, “Holy shit you just spiked a ball in my face” good.
‘B’ level: You are still pretty damn good. Tears after a loss are not uncommon.
‘C’ level: You like to have fun while you play; you may consume a beer or two before or during the game.
‘CC’ level: AKA the Drunk League. You enjoy a beer before, during, and after the game. Victory (or consolation) shots are a matter of course for you.

In case you are new to this blog, I belong in the CC league. Prior to the league, my teammates and I got excited about making team shirts. This is the one I made:


Despite my teammate’s initial excitement, no one else wears our team shirt. I kind of look like a freak.

vball II

14 thoughts on “It’s Friday–let’s bust some balls

  1. I’m on a soccer team. Our jerseys are no where near as cool as your’s.

    I should have come to you for the design.

    Let me know for next season. I’ve got some ideas…

  2. You should make and sell those shirts. I’d totally buy AND wear it. Do the orange shorts come at half price if I buy the shirt?

    For you? Of course.

  3. Oh geez. I’d wear that shirt every freakin’ day. Awesome. I wish I could join a drunken league, but I’m wrapped up in little league. Maybe one day though!

    Can’t you drunk spectate? I know my Aunt Lisa did when I played t-ball…

  4. That shirt is rather awesome. What do the others wear some tshirt with your team name or something? BORING.

    They wear regular tshirts, like Gold’s Gym or something. BORING.

  5. nice ballz. hee hee, ballz.

    that’s my aunt’s favorite color, we all have shirts that say “team mary” in turquoise. there are, however, no dead volley balls on there, so, not nearly as cool.

    oh, we have the shirts because she has cancer and what else do you do but make shirts when people have cancer?

    ps “drunk spectate” = best idea ever

    I heart drunk spectating. And Aunt Marys (I have one, too).

  6. Poor Wilson! Flashes of Tom Hanks delusional crying are inspired by that T-Shirt. You are a creative genius.

    I appreciate your appreciation.

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