7 thoughts on “This is me…

  1. I’m (gurgle) right (gurgle) there with ya (gurgle, sigh).

    I have an appointment at 5:01 with a stiff drink. Want to join me?

  2. I can’t see the picture today, but I agree. I was out of the office all last week. Even though it was a business trip, I still managed to spend half of the last two days trying to plow through the stack of crap on my desk 😦

    Crap on the desk sucks. Oh, and you can’t see the picture because there isn’t one. That’s how shitty work is right now. I don’t even have time to work my MS Paint magic!

  3. I actually wish I had something to DO at work. Go ahead and hate me.

    Would you be interested in some assasin work on the side? I’ve put together a small list…

  4. Are you wearing and invisible triangle dress?! Cool! Where can I get one?

    Isn’t that a fable? The Mutha Fudrucker’s New Clothes?

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