I am a bad mom

Between my supervisor retiring and my sister’s upcoming wedding, I am frazzled. So frazzled, in fact, that I have for two consecutive days forgotten to buy dog food. I’ve had to feed the boys peanut butter sandwiches sprinkled liberally with last of their “Arfully Good” dog treats that I bought at the Farmers’ Market.

peanut butter

Also I realized today that I won’t be able to go to the Phish concert in Asheville with Steve because of stupid end-of-school-year work bullshit.

Today I am wearing my sad pants. They are giving my personality a wedgie.

On the upside: I have left-over panang curry for lunch. Score! No peanut butter sandwiches for me!  Also, my volleyball team signed up for the next season.  I need to think up a good idea for a shirt no one else but me will wear team t-shirt. This is what I’ve got so far:

volleyball winner

20 thoughts on “I am a bad mom

  1. I think you forgetting is a boon for the dogs.

    They don’t seem sad, but that just makes me feel even more guilty. What’s next? Feeding my kids ice cream and saltines for dinner because that’s all that’s in the cupboard?!?

  2. When too much is happening in the head, you tend to lose the head, then walk around headless trying to find it.

    I just hope the dogs understand!

    And p.s. I’ve totally lost mine already.

    I hope they don’t chew on it before I find it.

  3. Yeah I definitely had a couple of days where the dogs’ diets were supplemented with biscuits because I was aaaalmost out of dog food. I don’t think they minded. I’m also pretty sure that yours are absolutely ok with the peanut butter.

    Also, I love that shirt. If you get them, order an extra for me and I’ll wear it even though I don’t play volleyball.

    Jeez, I wish you were on my team! Nobody wants to wear my shirts…:(

  4. I think that shirt rocks! And although I suck at volleyball, I’d definitely wear it!!

    Volleyball skills are not required to wear the awesome shirt.

  5. I’m pretty sure the dogs are enjoying their peanut butter. Don’t feel guilty!

    Peanut butter is protein, right?

  6. I’m so glad I”m not the only one who forgets to buy dog/cat food. I have a diabetic cat, too, who needs to eat. Last week, I was scraping crumbs out of the bag for the dogs and hoping they wouldn’t notice the odd ratio of treats to food in their bowls. They lived, so I guess it’s all good.

    My dad prints shirts and stuff for a living. He could make those awesome ones for you if you want!!

    I was seriously contemplating giving the dogs stale Crispix. But don’t worry, I bought dog food last night.

  7. Today I am wearing my sad pants. They are giving my personality a wedgie. I didn’t mean to laugh at this, but it really tickles me! That shirt rocks, and I want one.

    I’ll add you to the list.

  8. I think your pits and my pit should hang out. We’d probably die from the cuteness, but it’d be totally worth it.

    I hope Jack is into face/tongue action…because Dexter and Ernie are totally into making their own homo-erotic face-licking fetish porn.

  9. I think you should go into graphic design. Your tshirts rock!

    I actually do own a shirt that says “sarah rocks.” I made it for myself. Because I do.

  10. We’ve all been there. I have had to not feed my cats until the afternoon due to forgetting to buy their food. Unfortunately there’s not much you can feed cats, besides their food, that won’t make them sick. If I had to guess, they probably don’t mind the PB sandwiches.
    Love the t-shirt design!

  11. Whatever you make, make 2 of them. I want a shirt.

    It’s funny that you think I’m kidding, Miss Sad in the Pants.

    Hope you get back to being happy in the pants soon 😀

  12. I wore my sad AND tired pants all week. But I am done with work til Wednesday…

    and that makes me HAPPEEEEEE in my pants! Woot!

  13. You mean peanut butter sprinkled with treats is not an acceptable meal? I’m thinking the boys aren’t minding that at all.

  14. Last time I ran out of cat food, I fed them a bagfull of treats. I was then blessed with diarrhea ALL OVER THE MF-ING house.

  15. Why don’t the doggies get curry, too? Peanut butter and curry would probably be the best thing they could imagine, no?

    I have sad underwear instead of pants. That way, the whole world usually can’t tell when I’m sad. Unless I am also feeling religious and wear my sad underwear with my holy pants. Then all my emotions show.

    The shirt is awesome!

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