In which Ernie learns a new trick

The day started out strong – breakfast quiche. I should have known, it was all down hill from there.

It’s been raining ALL DAY LONG, leaving me only one option for how to spend the day. Watching every true-crime Dateline: Investigation special I could find while drinking beer and teaching Ernie a new trick.

What new trick? I thought you’d never ask. Listen closely, it’s pretty complicated.

I form a gate in front of me with my pointer fingers.

“Cut the cheese, Ernie!”

ernie cuts the cheese


Forecast for tomorrow? More rain.



3 thoughts on “In which Ernie learns a new trick

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  2. I have been trying to figure this out, and now I think I understand. As you told us in your last post, this is about how you went to your first yoga class and did not fart. You taught Ernie to fart for you! Right?

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