I need some help

Hey internets, I am faced with another shitty-weather weekend, and I need some help STAT.  I absolutely cannot handle losing to Steve at Scrabble anymore.  It is seriously damaging my self-image.  I need your help to come up with some other 2 player games (but not chess – I don’t know how to play and refuse to learn until Wizard’s Chess becomes available).  Keep in mind we are usually, to quote the great Ben Boudreau, half in the bag while playing.

So far I’ve come up with Othello.

And that’s about it.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You’re my only hope.

Enjoy the weekend!

10 thoughts on “I need some help

  1. Pente. I LOVE IT! Cribbage – the ultimate game for drunks. Seriously. The dead guy and I rocked at it. Plus, everyone in treatment knew how to play. What is it with drunks and cribbage?

    Battleship. Gotta love THAT game. Connect four. Chutes and Ladders? Go back to your childhood. And I’ve spent hours upon hours playing MOnopoly with just one other person. It’s wicked.

  2. Bingo is a lot of fun with two people.

    If you want something more hip and exotic, you can make up your own home version of Survivor if you have an aquarium or an insect problem.

    In terms of traditional games, how about Operation? That one is a lot more fun after a lot of caffeine. Or, even better, Mousetrap? True, I have never, ever caught a mouse with this game. Not even one of the plastic ones the game comes with for practice. But I have learned a lot about something or other and had a lot of drunken frustration besides.

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