Prepare to have your mind blown, Canadian Beyoncé-style

I’m sure everyone who reads this blog also reads Ben over at No Ordinary Rollercoaster.  And seriously?  If you don’t, you are an idiot because that shit is awesome.  I mean hello – his dogs have snuggies.  If that does not reek of awesome-sauce I don’t know what does.  Get with the program, people.

A couple of weeks ago he promised to answer any questions posed by his readers via video post (vlog?  Is that what the kids are calling it?).  And, as so often happens in my life, I couldn’t think of one appropriate response.  In truth, I couldn’t even think of one inappropriate response.  I was whatever you call it when your brain freezes up and your tongue gets tied.

So, dear readers, I squeezed my eyes shut and threw a Hail Mary.


Canadians must celebrate Christmas the same way they do Thanksgiving – early.  Because Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes on THIS:

NOR Video for Bad Mutha Fudruckers from Benjamin Boudreau on Vimeo.

This says it all:

It was not even a little bit funny, it was poo squirting, face punching, puppy flipping hilarious!!!

in an email from The Friend

But sarahdotcom says it best:

yo, beyonce. i’m really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but ben boudreau made the best single ladies video of all time. OF ALL TIME.


I haven’t even seen this yet, because my stupid work filter won’t let me.  So let me how awesome it is in the comments.  Or if the video isn’t working at all.

Check out Ben’s blog for a complete list of his Blitzkrieg of Video Awesomeness.

36 thoughts on “Prepare to have your mind blown, Canadian Beyoncé-style

  1. Oh my god. Seriously, I want to put this on repeat because it’s THAT GOOD. My coworker thought I was asphyxiating or something because I was choking so hard.

    What a way to go.

  2. OH MY GOD! That thing is going viral! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I laughed outloud at work! Ben you rock hard core.

    I’ll do whatever it takes to get this thing to go viral. MEDIA BLITZ!

  3. Day successfully made.

    Next song I’d like you to preform: I Touch Myself.

    …too much?

    Okay, just do a Richard Simmons impersonation and I’ll be content.

    I’d pay some money to see that.

  4. That made my morning! He is the most adorable thing in a Snuggie EVER. I love Ben. AND I love you for asking him to do it.

    If they sold Ben Boudreau on late-night infomercials, I would definitely buy one. Or two, if they threw in a bonus second set with my paid credit card order.

  5. yo, beyonce. i’m really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but ben boudreau made the best single ladies video of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  6. This is epic! Just freaking hilariously epic! I’m saving it and playing it whenever I need to smile. You are awesome-sauce personified Ben!

    Quick – we’ve got to update the Urban Dictionary.

  7. That was totally awesome. I’m so glad you asked Ben to do this. And the Snuggie made it even better!!!

    I think Ben should autograph the Snuggie and then auction it off.

  8. Dear Ben: I hope you realize that next time you come over for drinks, I’m giving you a ring pop and putting Beyoncé on iTunes.

    Thank you, Fudruckers, for coming up with this idea.

    Please – make sure you catch it on film.

  9. Best video ever. I, too, would buy Ben on QVC or any of those other late night sales shows. And I would put him in my pocket and carry him around all day. I love him. I hate this song, but now? now I LOVE it.

    And I really want a Snuggie now.

    I want a Snuggie and a judgmental dog. I guess a disapproving cat will have to do.

  10. I bet Beyonce is just kicking herself for not thinking of the Snuggie!

    I know! Who in their right mind would pick a leotard and Hooter’s hose over a Snuggie?!?

  11. Oh my god. This was the funniest video I’ve ever seen. I mean, a snuggie? Yesssss! This just made my life.

    Chalk another one up for Ben.

  12. What the ??? I need to watch this again. I just can’t believe what I’ve seen.

    Believe it, baby. But sure, go ahead and watch it again.

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