Your mama’s so old…

Overheard while waiting in the checkout line:

Cashier: Your total is $18.76.  Hey – 1876 – that’s the year I was born!
Elderly Customer: 1876?  I don’t think so, dear.
Cashier:  Haha, I mean 1976.  I wasn’t even thought of in 1876…
Elderly Customer: …
Cashier: I don’t even think my mom was a baby in 1876!

Happy Holidays!

11 thoughts on “Your mama’s so old…

  1. Perhaps it explains why she’s a cashier at 33 years old? Not that I’m judging or anything – a job’s a job these days. I’m just glad she has a fancy machine to tell her totals and doesn’t have to actually do math or anything.

  2. That was definitely a fail, but I’m glad we can all chuckle at her expense. I agree with Daisee579 in the fact it’s probably good she’s not wingin’ it on the math.

  3. Does she give that type of commentary to everyone?
    “Your total is $9.25. Hey, that’s my birthday!”

    “Your total is $33.50. Hey, that’s my waist size!”

    I think the best response would have been, “Hey, you’re totally stupid!”

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