In which I mention dutch ovens

Thanks for all the Dexter love this weekend, guys.  He must have felt the good vibes because he had nary an accident this weekend.  A special thanks to Two Pitties in the City for putting the word out on their blog (which you should check out if you haven’t already – Ms. M and Mr. B are gorgeous and so is their apartment!).

If you haven’t voted yet, you have until Thursday! I’ve heard some people had to wait a while before receiving their email verification from Bissell; you may need to check your spam folder (I had to) to find it.

This weekend coastal NC got a little taste of SNOWPOCALYPSE – 3.8 whole inches, guys!  Too bad it fell on a Saturday – no snow days for me.  The boys and I celebrated by walking down to this bar.  Dex made a bee-line for the treat jar behind the bar and Ernie had a fun time playing chase me and bitey-face with a beagle mix named Bentley.  There was also a little chihuahua celebrating his birthday at the bar, complete with doggie birthday cake.  We had to leave before the cake was served, though, because we had important things to do – like make this Irish Stew in my new dutch oven.

No, not that dutch oven.

6 thoughts on “In which I mention dutch ovens

  1. I love seeing dogs in bars, but I don’t know that many near us that would actually allow our big ones. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be good for Miss M’s “drinking problem”. I think her original owner either drank a lot, or let her drink, because she becomes all wild-eyed when she smells beer. I hope Dexter gets a lot of votes!

    Wild eyed in a good way?

  2. Whee! Taking your dogs to a bar just makes me happy! It makes me happy every single time you mention it!

    It’s like everything I love, all in one place.

  3. Dogs are allowed in bars there? Super cool! People might be allowed to smoke in the bars here but that suckkkks. Rather have dogs in bars.

    Guess what – no smoking in bars here! And no kids! But dogs – allowed. I love my town.

  4. I signed up to vote. THAT’S how much I love you.

    Sa-weet! Dexter didn’t pee in the house yesterday – I’m giving credit to you for that one.

  5. Dogs in bars? The only place I’ve ever seen that is in Europe. There’s nothing like going to a pub and seeing dogs lying under the tables (and sober!), or sitting on their owner’s laps (still sober!). It makes for such a homey atmosphere. And I love ‘two pitties in the city’, I pretend our apartment is nice like theirs.
    Good Luck with your contest!

    Another benefit of living in the dirty South – dogs are allowed in (some) bars. Babies are frowned upon, though.

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