RIP Daddy

Cesar Millan’s pit bull Daddy passed away Friday at the age of 16.  Even if you aren’t a fan of Millan’s philosophy of dog training, you cannot deny Daddy’s impact on the hearts and minds of people around the country.  He helped dispel the myth that these dogs are uncontrollable, untrustworthy, and unsafe.  He was a big, crop-eared, rough looking pit bull who calmly entered millions of homes (whether physically or by way of Cesar’s popular TV show) and showed people what dogs are capable of.  Thank you, Daddy, for making the world a better place for my boys to live in.

You can read more about Daddy at Cesar’s website.

And so, even though Dexter ate a chocolate cup cake this weekend and Ernie spent the night in the bathtub whining at whatever feral animal is making itself at home underneath my house, I’ll hug them both extra tight tonight.

ernie and dexter

4 thoughts on “RIP Daddy

  1. Daddy was such a great ambassador pitbull. I think the fact that he was Ceaser’s righthand dog, and his calm demeanor was seen by so many viewing families, it did show pitbulls in a new light. I am happy to see he lived to be so old. When I first adopted Miss M. they said bully’s typically only live 8-10 years. We have a couple in our neighborhood that lived to be 16-17 so I think these are good signs for the breed.

  2. I would hug them too. My dumb dog is all small so when I hug her she squeaks and sticks her tongue up my nose (seriously, she’s so SNEAKY). So can I come over and hug the boys please?

  3. Oh my lord. I had no idea. I also had no idea how sad it would make me when Daddy passed. I loved that big lug of sweetness and strength.


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