Crime and Punishment

Once Ernie de-crotches a pair of underwear, I usually keep it around for a couple of day before tossing it.  I guess I think of it as a deterrent – I can pull it out and shake it in his face and tell myself I’m reminding him of past sins and discouraging him from repeating them.

If you like my underwear so much, why don’t YOU wear them?

I don’t like them…on my head.

Oh, you don’t like them on your head, huh?

I renounce underwear.

Promise not to chew up any more underwear?

I promise…to try.
Ernie pleads.

WTF? I don’t even like underwear.


Don’t even think about it.  Seriously.

I will cut a bitch.I will cut a bitch.

7 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. ha my little one loves to do that. Whenever I turn around he has a pair of underwear or a bra in his mouth and is running like the wind!

  2. I was already giggling at Ernie with the underwear on his head… and then I saw the look of death from Hemo… which made me laugh more. I know that look all too well from my crazy cats.

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