The boys are excited…

…by all the warm weather we’re having.

Literally excited – I’m talking lipstick city.


Lipstick city!

Gross.  Also, they were simultaneously distracted by a squirrel.

The quality of the boys’ walks rises proportionately with the quality of the weather.

Cold and rainy out? The boys get hustled around the neighboring park, and any subsequent “business” gets taken care of in the backyard.

Warm(ish) and sunny? A three mile walk/run in the woods behind an old plantation.

I love taking them on these trails – it’s the best way to get both of the boys tired out, since they have such disparate energy levels.  On a scale of 1-10, Ernie is a level 9 (with occasional surges to 10), while Dexter is more of a 3.  Or a 2.  This disparity becomes evident on off-leash walks.  Dex spends most of the walk sniffing things:

*sniff sniff sniff*Dexter sniffs something

and then catching up:

Hey guys – wait up!Hey guys wait up!

and sniffing things:

More deer poop?  Is it my birthday?Sniffing deer poop

and some more catching up:

Hey – where’s the fire?What's the rush?

Ernie, on the other hand, runs ahead, turns around, runs back, circles the group, and then runs ahead.  Then turns back and circles the group again.  On a three mile hike, he probably runs at least 6 miles.

What’s the hold up?What's the hold up?

With occasional forays off of the trail to chase some wildlife:

I’m a half-second away from disappearing after this squirrel..5 seconds away from disappearing

I leave Ernie’s leash on, even on off-leash walks, for a couple of reasons.  I walk both dogs on short, 12″ traffic leads.  Since both dogs heel at my side while on leashed walks, I find it annoying to deal with the remaining 5.5 feet of leash.  One of the reasons I leave Ernie’s leash on is that it kind of slows him down.  The leash isn’t long enough to get tangled in his legs, but it can trip him if he’s trying to take off willy-nilly into the woods.  His recall is good, but almost nothing can compete with a squirrel.  The second reason, though, is that he loves to carry it around.

I love my leash

It’s also a great recall enforcer, too.  Ernie’s favorite game is tug-of-war, so every time he comes crashing through the underbrush towards me after a “ERNIE!  COME!”  he gets a quick game of tug.

At the end of the day, I had two worn-out puppies.

Muddy water?  Don’t mind if I do…Dexter gets a drink.

It took Dexter quite a while to settle on this particular puddle.  Ernie kept running ahead of him and stomping through all the puddles, muddying them to the point where Dex didn’t want to drink out of them.  It was a bit sad; Dex would set his sights on a puddle and amble up to it, only to have Ernie dash in at the last second and stir up all the sediment.  Dex finally settled on this water-filled tire rut for his bath and refreshment (it was only slightly muddied).

Can we come back tomorrow?I'm not tired!

8 thoughts on “The boys are excited…

  1. Awww. I love this. And they so OBVIOUSLY LOVE YOU! Are there flowers in NC yet? There ARE, aren’t there? And you’re HIDING THEM FROM ME.

    No flowers…yet. Not outside, anyway. I’ll let you know when the purple road morning glories start blooming.

  2. The first walk after bad weather is always amazing. Love the looks on puppy faces when they are out having fun!

    It’s crazy…I get used to them being lay-abouts during the winter, but given the chance they burn off all of the excess energy they’ve been storing all winter.

  3. Oh, what a great walk. It looks like you are having a real spring. And isn’t it always the case that matched pooches have disparate levels of energy. Our Miss M. is a total slug while we call Mr. B. “Hot Wheels” because he randomly will try to sprint or run–with his legs spinning like a propeller just like the Scooby-doo cartoons. I hope it’s Spring soon and the boys get more fun walks like this.

    Me too – I’m done with winter.

  4. Their happy faces are just begging me to kiss them!

    At your own peril – I did not include pictures of the dogs consuming deer poop, but let me assure you it happened.

  5. I love how Dexter’s just moseyin’ along while Ernie’s bustin’ out the jet packs. (And that last picture of Ernie is too funny – he looks so deliriously happy).

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