Yes, peacocks.

Yup.  You read that correctly.


I had a peacock encounter recently.  And not your typical, “hey, I’m at the zoo and even though I really came for the elephants, I’ll check out the peacocks because, well, they are here and right next to the snack bar.”  I mean, I was enjoying a day on the water, playing bocce ball on a sand bar, and 20 minutes later – BAM!


Let me back it up a bit, so I can properly set the stage.  Imagine if you will, two girls riding in the bed of a truck.  Both girls are soaked to the waist as a result of a likely unnecessary but none the less enthusiastic attempt to “help” trailer the boat.  Both girls are a little bit tipsy.

Suddenly –



It was explained to us that a local horse farm had raised some peacocks, but I guess a few got out and now they roam around this coastal neighborhood.  We could hear them calling to each other, and when Kristin took a crack at answering them, they called right back.

They sound like this.

So although we could hear them, nary a peacock could we see.  Amazing, right?  I mean, these animals are known for their flashy plumage, and they are hidden amongst the pine trees.  Julie and I thought we saw one, but it turned out to be a branch.  Disappointment City, Population: me.

So after crashing through some bushes and peering into some neighbors’ yards, we got into the car, not a little disillusioned.  Planet Earth makes it seem as though exotic animals are under every rock!

We drive about 10 yards down the street, Kristin calling to the birds all the while.  Out of the corner of my eye – a flash of turquoise – could it be?

A PEACOCK!  Just chilling on the roof of an abandoned mobile home.  Another perched in a pine tree in the backyard.  It was a surreal moment.  Kristin and the birds exchange a few words.

Her:  “ca-KAW!”

Them:  “ca-KAW!  ca-KAW!”

Me:  “I wish I had my camera – MS Paint will never do this justice.”

Oh, and Kristin – watch your back.  A little internet research has informed me that you were impersonating their mating call.  So…yeah.  Baby Kevins in your very near future?  Perhaps.

8 thoughts on “Yes, peacocks.

  1. Do I have to move back to NC just to have some fun anymore? SSheesh.

    If by “fun” you mean “play some bocce ball and see random exotic fowl” then yes, yes, you do.

    Hurricanes are fun, too, right?

  2. I was waiting for this peacock update. I’m imagining it might be quite frightening to have an unexpected peacock encounter. Are they the ones that chase and spit at people? Or maybe I’m just thinking of llamas…

    None of the peacocks chased us, but we viewed them from a pretty safe distance. I did see a llama spit on an annoying girl at a petting zoo once, and it was glorious.

  3. LOL baby Kevin.

    How come peacocks just roam the street like that? I wanna see one in my neighborhood too. They’re so pretty!

    Apparently they poop all over the place, but I’ll take a peacock over mocking birds any day. Plus – baby peacocks? Yes please.

  4. that sounds like an awesome way to spend your day

    It was. And I didn’t even tell you about the gyro I ate afterwards. Heavenly!

  5. A peacock named Kevin? Of course, why not, right?

    I tried to reply to your email you but my emails kept bouncing back. Why do you hate me?

    No! I could never hate you!

  6. Apparently, my grammar is so bad, it’s rejected by your email server.

    “I tried to reply to your email but….”

    Dang. Usually it just filters “bad” words.

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