Bunk beds: Mutha Fudrucker Edition

This is how we do bunk beds around here:

Mutha Fudrucking Bunkbeds

Don’t feel bad for Dexter – sometimes you get the top bunk, but sometimes you rip a hole in the pillow get stuck with the bottom.

There are several dogs beds and even a couch that he has access to, but last night I found him like this.  I’m pretty sure he pulled the blanket off of the bed in a failed attempt to climb up there.  Must be why he took his frustration out on the pillow.

Or maybe Ernie was getting revenge for this:

Dex gets the top

4 thoughts on “Bunk beds: Mutha Fudrucker Edition

  1. Maybe he needs a step stool to get on the bed? And I have no idea why animals want to be RIGHT ON TOP of you or their brethren.

  2. I never understood the right on top of thing either; they have the entire couch to sit on, but they’re fighting for that one small square foot of space. I like your polka-dot bedding (I guess the dogs do too).

  3. he looks sad but as they say “you made your bed, you must lay in (or on) it”

    You chew on a pillow, you sleep on the floor.

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