What, you wanted to READ something?

I’m too excited to write many words today because it is SUNNY!  and WARM!  and FRIDAY!

I ordered this vegetable collection from Burpee a few months back, and my plants arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get them in the ground this weekend, along with some other garden favorites (tomatillos, jalapeños, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelon…) I’ve started from seed.

The animals are a big help in the garden.

Hemo warms up the soil in the flower beds.Hemo helps

Ernie keeps a close eye on the seedlings.

Sorry…but you had too many peppers, anyway.

Ernie helps, too.

And Dexter…well, Dex sure does love the new grass.

Grass!  Glorious Grass!  Wonderful gr–


Hey!  Can’t a guy enjoy a roll in the grass in peace?

Oh Dex, you are lucky you’re so cute.

Stop lookin’ at my butt.

Dex's butt.

The hard part is sitting back and waiting for the garden to start producing.  Mutha Fudruckers are not known for their patience.

Is it time to enjoy the fruits of our labors?Now?

Not yet, baby Ernie.

Have a great weekend…

8 thoughts on “What, you wanted to READ something?

  1. I KNOW! I put in the seeds and then I’m like, “WHERE ARE MY BEANS?!” I’m putting my garden in on Sunday, too! Wheee!

    Apparently staring very hard at your pots of dirt does not make them grow any faster. Huh. We’ll see about that!

  2. Hahaha! What cuties, I love their expressive faces. Esp. Dexter. He looks like a grumpy old man.

    He does look like a grumpy old man! But he’s actually pretty sweet – most of the time.

  3. Let me just say I love your blog, I love cats and pitties.

    I am still dying of laughter of you torturing the slugs with salt – LOVE IT!

    Thanks for reading! I bought some sandpaper this weekend (roughest grit I could find), but I haven’t put it out yet. The ring of salt I drew around the container must be working.


    The strain I grow doesn’t thrive in Canadian soils. Sorry.

  5. patience is not a virtue we have either

    I’ve taken to talking sternly to the plants.

    ‘Shape up, mister, or it’s the compost pile for you!’

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