F-ing slugs, man.

Thanks, everyone, for your input yesterday and putting up with my melodrama.

I am not typically full of hate.

And really, I was not even full of hate on Saturday, despite all the dog balls.  It was a beautiful day, I had a delicious adult beverage, and I was enjoying all of it with my favorite Ernie.

*dramatic sigh*
Are you done complaining, yet?

Are you done complaining, yet?

Seriously – BORING!

seriously - boring!

Jeez, sorry guys.

Moving right along…the slug problem seems to be under control.  After my salt blitzkrieg last week, I haven’t noticed any fresh slug marks.  Oh, and did I mention I drew a circle of salt around the container?  Well, I did.  Now it’s safe from slugs AND witches.  Who knows what my neighbors think of me, much less the mailman – who, without the benefit of having witnessed my battle with the slugs, can only judge me by the pools of salt/slug remains that dot the front porch and the ring of salt around a chewed-up plant.  I’m putting off sweeping up the salt and dead slugs because I’m holding on to the hope that the desiccated carcasses will serve as a deterrent to other potential interlopers.

(click to see larger)

I will kill a slug.

Also, the NobleWorks.com contest is still running until Thursday @ midnight – each comment you leave (or blog and/or twitter shout out) gets you an entry!

8 thoughts on “F-ing slugs, man.

  1. Is there ANYTHING more disgusting than slugs?? My sister stepped on one BAREFOOT when we were little and I still can’t think of it without shuddering.



    *sympathy shudder*

    Bare feet? Fuck. that.

  2. If we could only see into the minds of the post man. I’m sure he sees all kinds of crazy shit, all day. BTW that’s a great picture of the slugs.

    *blushes* Aw, shucks. Thanks!

  3. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hope you learned the salt circle from Hocus Pocus.

    You know it! Next, I’ll be singing creepy lullabyes to the little bastards…

    Come little sluggies, I’ll taaaake you away,
    Away to my garden of saaaa–AAALT!

  4. You are Slug Killer Extraordinaire! You have slugs, Crissy has grubs. I’m going to blame the blogosphere when I get bugs in my garden. Hrmph. KILL KILL KILL!

    I’m not even going to say that the slugs haven’t made it to my garden yet. I’m not even going to tempt fate by giving voice to that sentiment.


  5. Yeah, sluggy warfare! I don’t think I’d ever have the stomach to salt them, though … that makes my internals flip-flop a little bit.

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