It’s handiCAPABLE, thank you very much.

Me in the shower

It’s gonna be a short one today, folks, because my arms feel like two wet noodles stapled to my shoulders.  Yes, stapled.  My gym is offering an 8 week “bootcamp” and after completing day two…well, raising my arms above my head takes a herculean effort.  Washing my hair this morning was a chore, although I have not yet resorted to squirting shampoo on the shower wall and rubbing my head against it to work up a lather.  We’ll see how next week goes.

And now for exciting news – k8, you are the winner of the NobleWorks $25 giveaway!  You should be receiving your credit code by email soon.  Thanks to everyone for playing, and enjoy the weekend.

4 thoughts on “It’s handiCAPABLE, thank you very much.

  1. I had to wear a cast for a couple of weeks due to a broken finger. It is very hard to wash with only one hand. I wish I had known about your whole squirting shampoo on the wall to rub head in thing. Would have been way easier than the crazy moves I did to get clean.

  2. This might be time to discover why Ernie finds underwear on the head a perfect headcovering. No one will notice your unwashed tresses if they are staring at your lingerie.

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