Help around the house

Helpful boys!
Bad Mutha Fudruckers, reporting for duty.  How may we be of service today, ma’am?
(They are actually begging for goldfish crackers, but hey – I’ll take what I can get.)

There is something about water from the hose that Ernie LOVES, even if the water has been sitting in the hose all day and is warm enough to cook pasta with.  He follows me around the garden in the morning, sampling the flow to ensure optimum growing conditions.

Ernie waters the mint
Mint?  Check.

Ernie waters the strawberries.
Strawberries? Check.



Cucumbers? Check and double check.

Dexter, on the other hand, is really into the soil sampling.  I mean really into it.  He has taken it upon himself to regularly and throughly dig up aerate the soil to evenly distribute nutrients and encourage healthy root growth.  Unfortunately he also discourages root growth by periodically unearthing recently transplanted seedlings and then resting on the bed of tilled earth and young plants.



So I’ve Dexter-proofed the baby seedlings by surrounding them with bamboo skewers.  So far it seems to be working, although I lost 4 tomatillo seedlings before I figured out a workable solution.

Dexter-proof garden.

Not pretty, but they are safe.  For now.

6 thoughts on “Help around the house

  1. That cracks me up! The following you around an drinking out of the hose! Dax likes to sample the water from the sink whenever I brush my teeth. I have a weird cat that likes water. Go figure! And your seedlings are doing well! Most of mine have yet to sprout!

    I think it’s cute that he does it, too, but sometimes I still blast the water full-force into his face. I can’t help it.

    Trust…I do not deserve it.

  2. I just want to hold them and cradle them like babies.

    Make it happen.

    Done. You are actually holding them in your arms RIGHT NOW.

  3. Great idea about the bamboo skewers. Lorek (the stinky basset) is like Dexter, only Lorek waits until something blooms or is close to blooming. Then he’s all, “That looks so comfortable. I’ll go dig it up or take a nap on it.” I get really pissed. I didn’t think of bamboo. I was about to put steel stakes for his fat butt to try to sit on one time, but I was told that was mean. Does the bamboo work?

    Dex hasn’t messed with that part of the garden since I put the skewers in, but it’s only been a week. We made it through the weekend, though!

    I think he didn’t realize that the plants were any different than grass, because they were still pretty tiny. I think he just saw soft, brown dirt. The larger, established plants, he’s never bothered (other than leaning heavily against the brugmansia, but I planted them to give him shade so I consider them “his” trees to do with as he pleases) and generally leaves alone. I’ve seen him glance at the end of the garden with the skewers with something like lust in his eyes, but I guess “dirt with spikey things” doesn’t look as comfortable as “dirt with soft green things.”

    I’ll keep you posted.

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