Badminton – not for the faint of heart

(Psst – have you heard I’m trying to give some Rachel Ray cookware?  No?  Well check out this post for the deets, man.  You know, details?  Get with the times, Grandma!)

So.  Wednesday.  You know how your mom always told you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then not to say anything at all?

Nothing against you personally, Wednesday.  I enjoy a hump day as much as the next girl, but honestly I’m just marking time until Friday.  Not only is it a payday (whammy!) but it is a holiday weekend (double whammy!) and I am heading to my aunt’s house in Richmond, VA to meet up with my mom and her siblings for our annual mini-reunion (ding ding ding JACKPOT!).

It’ll be a haze of swimming and badminton and a frozen drink my Aunt Lisa simply calls a concoction; the recipe varies from year to year and from bartender to bartender, but it’s basically some kind of frozen fruit + alcohol + juice (ratios vary dependent upon the bartender, and tend to skew heavy on the vodka as the day goes on).  Enjoy at your own risk, or you may end up spilling details of your life to your uncle that, upon reflection, you’d rather you’d kept to yourself.  Or taking a game of Wii bowling way too seriously.  As in, weighing the satisfaction of launching the Wii remote into the tv versus the cost of having to replace said tv.

Ultimately, you will come down on the side of not putting a hole in the tv, but it will be close.

And don’t even get me started on badminton…

I love my family, but we are neither good winners nor good losers.  I think we’ve had to replace the set every year due to raquet, um, fatigue.  Maybe they aren’t designed to last for more than a year, or maybe it’s that they aren’t rated to withstand being pounded against the ground in frustration after every botched serve.  You might not consider a shuttlecock a lethal weapon, but then again, you have never met my uncles’ murderous cross-court gaze.

So yes.  I’m phoning it in this week – I’m busy working on my game face.

P.S. Giveaway runs through the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Badminton – not for the faint of heart

  1. My family plays badminton, also. There is no “out” and usually you are assigned a “sound” that you have to utter when you hit the shuttlecock. I just said cock. We’ve been known to take the game all over the resort. And my family doesn’t drink. Go figure.

    I’m totally doing that sound thing with my family.

  2. Sounds like a blast. As a member of a highly competitive family, who may or may not have knocked out a cousin during a “friendly” basketball game, good luck.

    Family competitions are never friendly. I think it’s all the love…

  3. Have you ever gotten a shuttlecock in the eye?


    don’t answer that

    Did I ever tell you about the time I caught pink eye from an Australian? I was in Canada, though, so I don’t know it if counts.

  4. I wonder if you giant badminton set is still at craig’s house?

    It’s MONSTER Badminton, Julie…MONSTER.

  5. We used to hold badmitton tournaments in our backyard when I was growing up; it was a friendly venture, and I loved it! However my fiance and his brothers used to hold Monopoly tournaments that evolved into much name calling (Fascist! Commie! Socialist! etc…) and usually resulted in the game board being tossed in the air along with all the game tokens and hotels!! And they were well past adulthood!

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