We have a winner!

hello Hello HELLO to you all!  I hope you had a most excellent Memorial Day weekend – I know I did.  But let’s get some business out of the way, first.

Shelly at Perfectly Shelly, you are our winner!  Whoo hoo!  Check your email for details.

And speaking of business, let’s talk about mullets.  Specifically, that I had one this weekend until my sisters shamed me into sending it to that big trailer park in the sky.

Lest you judge me too harshly, please know that I didn’t intentionally grow a mullet.  It just sort of happened.  My head is a freak of nature and the back of my hair grows much more quickly than the front.  It’s like your backyard lawn – you know, how some patches are lush and green and other patches and kind of bare and thinly covered?  Yeah, that’s my head.

So Sunday morning my sisters broke me down and marched me to Great Clips to have the mullet o’ shame removed.  They dropped me off and went next door to Target, leaving me surrounded by little kids getting their summer hair cuts.  My favorite kid, though, was there with his two brothers (one older, and one younger).  He hopped down from the chair and ran through the shop, trailing his superman cape behind him.  When offered a lollipop, he took two.  He proceeded to unwrap them both and pop them into his mouth.  Retrieving his Nintendo DS from his mom, he asked me if I wanted to watch him play.

Why the hell not?

I was kind of sad when I was called back for my trim.  I had to say goodbye to both my new friend (Superman) and my old friend (Mullet).  20 minutes later I was ready to party.  Best $12 haircut I’ve ever had.

Even my mom expressed her approval upon my return to the house.

“You have to pick one, honey – either all business or all party.  You can’t be business in the front and party in the back.”

4 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. We don’t get a picture of ‘said mullet’? I remember in elementary school mullets were the style of choice, even for girls. Or at least in Nebraska. With all the ’80’s retro fashion, maybe it’s making a comeback…

  2. OMG!! I guess I’m behind in my reading!! I am SO excited!! I haven’t gotten an e-mail yet, which is fine, but I dump my ‘junk’ every day, so if I missed it, re send it…otherwise I’ll keep waiting…….


    Yo, I just re-sent you an email – my email addy is badmuthafudrucker@gmail.com, so look for it! I sent it to your hotmail account.

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