No mullet for you!

No, I will not show you all a picture of my mullet.  No way, José.  Fuggit about it.

I need your approval too much to allow you to see me at anything less than my best. have a mullet


Sad mulletI will, however, show you these pictures of Ernie posing with a zucchini blossom.

Can you hurry up and take the picture already?
Can you take the picture already?


Yes...I'm your little princess.

You’ll pay for this…in underwear crotches.

Oh you'll pay for this...

Chin up, dude, it’ll all be over soon.

Dex calls Ernie a sucker

P.S. I airbrushed out Ernie’s lipstick in 3/4 of these pictures.  You’re welcome.

10 thoughts on “No mullet for you!

  1. You know…….I am such a dork that I actually went back and looked at Ernie’s pictures for any actual lip color. Why lipstick on a dog, I was wondering?

    Then I had that ‘OHHHHHH’ moment.

    I’m not real quick on the draw today!!

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