I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow, but I wanted to share some photo updates from around the house this weekend.

Brugmansias are blooming…Brugmansia bloom, close-up
Brugmansia in bloom

And I found some kittens:


They are about 3 weeks old, and Ernie wants to taste them really badly.

Ernie inspects the new arrivals

They really need names and homes.  Let me know if you can help out on either front.

Happy Mutha Fudruckin’ Monday.

4 thoughts on “Tease

  1. B almost came home with a kitten yesterday. We already have 3 cats and a dog. Damn adorable looking kittens! I know he is going to check back to make sure it was adopted. If they plan on putting it down, I am sure it is coming here. Soon I might need another kitten name. And some Valium.

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