Some stuff I want to tell you about

Wow – how has it been a week already?  Time is flying friends, and not in a good way.  Some updates:

Had a blast this weekend – more camping, more hanging out with family, more watermelon eating.  Ran into Steve at the Downtown Sundown Guns ‘n’ Roses cover band concert.  It was…awkward? It was nice to see him, but I was sweaty and already irritated by other things, and not feeling pretty. I felt surprised/sad/nervous/glad I wasn’t drinking.  I’m guessing this is normal?

More on camping – Dex is an escape artist and kept creeping out of the tent.  And by creeping, I mean that sonovabitch kept UNZIPPING the tent and chilling by the campfire.  What an asshole.

Ernie continues to be fascinated by the kittens.Ernie and the kittensThe kittens continue to be fascinated by eating and pooping.  Oh, and biting (they are teething).  They are much bigger now:

GirlieBoy kittenThe little calico girl is perfecting the Hemo stink-eye.

Dammit Hemo, you are a bad influence!

They are not photographing as well now as they used to – I think it’s because they are actually moving around, getting into shit (literally) and needing lots of baths/wipe downs. Their little faces always look a little gaunt because I am constantly wiping food/milk/eye gunk out of them, and smearing eye medicine in them.

Work is crazy – we are working 4 10 hours days, which on the one hand is awesome because hey – 3 day weekend every weekend!  But it is not awesome, because hey – 10 hour work day Monday – Thursday.

I’ll see you around!

[Edited to add] – VIDEO! Of the KITTENS!

9 thoughts on “Some stuff I want to tell you about

  1. Ah, so I see Napoleon is not the only pittie who can work a zipper. When he was still having attacks of the “puppy chewies,” he would just open up his canvas crate when he got bored and go find his own entertainment. Good times, good times.

    And now I miss my kittens!

    We need a pit-proof zipper, STAT.

  2. He works a zipper? Dang!

    I know, right – can’t differentiate between chew toy and couch, but sure can open up a zipper.

  3. Your kittens are cute! They look very well taken care of too, good job! 😀

    I haven’t been here (or blogosphere for that matter) in a while. I’ll be reading back your posts 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve been busy with real life stuff!

  4. Where is the video? I don’t see any video. Also, you are so going to keep those kittens. And so the brood continues to grow…

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