One of us likes to read, dabbles in photography (as in constructs jerry-rigged portrait studios in the basement using a table cloth, a windchime, and a piece of gum), and enjoys crossword puzzles.

No, her face doesn’t always look like that.

No, she isn’t dancing ironically. Sad, isn’t it?




One of us likes sticks, chases squirrels (but hasn’t caught one yet, even when one literally fell out of a tree and landed on his head), and enjoys eating underwear crotches.

He does not care for the vacuum cleaner, but does not mind the lawnmower.

His least favorite trick is “sit.”




One of us likes to nap, has farts that usually contain a hint of pumpkin (though his diet rarely contains even a smidgen of pumpkin), and enjoys barking at birds of prey and/or small airplanes.

While he does not care for peas, he thinks bananas are divine.

He recently celebrated his 11th birthday.



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