And the winner is…


Yay for you! Email me at badmuthafudrucker [at] gmail [dot] com to let me know what size t-shirt you’d like and where you’d like me to send it. BTW, if you haven’t read LBluca77’s blog, you are missing out. I’ve never laughed so hard about someone’s food addiction.

Thanks again to Marie, BrazenBareToe, and BohoPoetGirl for pimping the contest; I’ve got something special for you lovely ladies if you’ll send me an email to let me know where to send it.

In other news…

  • BlogSecret repercussions continue to be felt here at Bad Mutha Fudrucker Central. For the back story, read here and here. S0, Potential read Anonymous’ letter and left a comment saying “there is undeniable potential.” Anonymous is taking Potential out to dinner when he gets back into town in two weeks, so hopefully he’ll give us an update after their dinner.
  • It’s official–I am way out of shape. I played Wii Fit at my dad’s on Thanksgiving, and after 15 minutes of Wii hula-hooping, my abs were killing me and my legs felt like jelly. The next day I felt like I got pummelled by Hans and Franz.
  • I suck at Scrabble. Or Steve is really good. I’m not sure which one. He definitely knows his way around the rules, though. Current standings: Steve-3, Me-1. It is a sad day.
  • Marie’s pumpkin bread is idiot-proof. I am a terrible baker; I use 1 measuring cup for both my wet and dry ingredients, I do not allow my eggs to come to room temperature before adding them, I don’t own a mixer and have to mix everything by hand, the list goes on. Despite these handicaps, I managed to turn out 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and 24 mini muffins. Win!
  • I’ve seen Twilight. Twice. One of my girlfriends had a dream in which Edward had beautiful, glowing testicles. Another friend dreamt that he wrote her research paper. I haven’t had my Edward dream yet.

BlogSecret pt. II

So…remember the BlogSecret post I hosted where Anonymous wrote a beautiful letter to a girl I’m calling Potential? Remember how we have been on pins and needles waiting to hear if Anonymous would take our collective advice and share the letter with Potential?

Well, Anonymous just sent Potential a birthday card with the address of the post.

Fingers crossed! Keep us updated, Anonymous!

P.S. Don’t forget about the contest.