3, no make that 2, items of business

No, I have not fallen off of the blogging wagon.  Well, I may have bounced off when we hit that last pot hole, but I’m back on now.  Mom was right – you should always wear a seat belt.  And really?  30 posts in 30 days was never going to happen.

It is a big news day here, so let’s get down to business.

First up: BSB Brian Littrell has H1N1!  WTF?  My middle high school self is in shock.  Is no one safe?!?  Somewhere in there is a joke about making out with BSB posters and getting infected, but I can’t quite make the connection today.  Besides, a) Brian was never my fav – I was a Nick/AJ girl; and b) BSB are no longer relevant to my interests.  But wait – I just posted about them.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Next item on the agenda: Halloween costumes!  I have decided to be a reverse mermaid.  Yeah.  Last year I was a baked potato.  I’ve already resigned myself to another Halloween spent explaining what my costume is to every drunk person I encounter, but my enthusiasm will not be dampened!  I spent the weekend sculpting the fish head part of my costume.  I mean, I’ve already done the mermaid thing, so now it’s time to shake things up a bit.

halloween 09

I forgot what the third thing was that I was going to post about.  Perhaps I’ll remember for tomorrow.

Pirates pay for drinks with dubloons

It is the first day of October and I am getting way excited about Halloween. I usually make my costume each year, and in the past I’ve been:
a member of Sparkle Motion (okay, I didn’t make this one)

Frodo Baggins

a mermaid

Roxy of the Misfits

One year I went as a pirate and paid for all my drinks with Sacagawea dollar coins that I called “dubloons.” I thought it was hilarious and the bartenders thought it was annoying. This year I think I’m going to go all “Eagle vs. Shark” and be a Great White Shark. Even though I hate sharks and I am even afraid of them in the pool. Seriously. When I jump off of the high dive I haul ass to the ladder because I am just SURE someone has opened the underwater gate and let the sharks out. It’s going to be an awesome costume, though.

Speaking of sharks and pools and being crazy, I have this reoccurring nightmare about sharks and pools. In my dream, my mom drags me and my sisters to see Jaws, who has been captured and is being kept in the pool by our house. Well, she really only drags me because my sisters are all about it. I beg and beg and try to convince her that it is a BAD IDEA, but we go anyway. One by one, my sisters keep leaning over the side of the pool and falling in, and I have to keep jumping in and saving them. Over and Over. All Night. Whenever I have this dream I wake up exhausted and mad at my mom. Come on, Mom! I warned you. Sharks+kids=Worst Idea Ever. Jeez.

I also frequently have a dream where my mom makes me live under the stairs a la the Dursleys and Harry Potter, and won’t let me have any of the brownies she just made. Which is weird, because my mom would never deny me brownies. She is a very nice lady.

I think I’ll go to JoAnn Fabrics this weekend and get some supplies.